Nests can be 4 feet across, with just a shallow depression inside for the eggs. Nest Placement Tree Yellow-crowned Night-Herons typically nest in small colonies of several pairs up to several hundred pairs on islands that are safe from predators. Colony sites can remain in use for more than 20 years. A clutch comprises 2–6 eggs. By mid-summer, most young have fledged. The Yellow-Crowned Night Heron: The East Nest Checks In. If seen only in flight and for a short glance, look at the length of the legs past the tail. Both parents work to construct the nest of sticks in a tree limb overhanging water. The Yellow-crowned night heron is a carnivore and consumes primarily crustaceans, but also feeds on fish, amphibians, snails, aquatic insects, and small snakes or young birds that have fallen out of the nest … A typical clutch contains three or four pale bluish-green eggs. They nest in small colonies. As I recently reported in my companion post, the West Nest on the property has been occupied for at least a week. Yellow-crowned Night Herons also have a gray front and neck, but it contrasts greatly with their facial pattern. Adults will return to the same nest tree for decades. Two factors contributed to the paucity of Yellow-crowned sightings in recent years. I was beginning to lose hope that the East Nest would be active this season. Yellow-crowned night-herons nest singly or in small groups in the lower reaches of the Susquehanna River. Nesting starts as early as April. The Night Heron Chronicles (S2, E2) The “East Nest” Becomes Active! Yellow-crowned Night-Herons’ legs are longer than Black-crowned Night-Herons’ so they extend far past the tail. Yellow-crowned Night-Herons are difficult to locate and these few records undoubtedly represent only a portion of the entire population that breeds in Ohio. These herons are active only at dawn and dusk and are unlikely to be found during daylight hours. Yellow-crowned night-heron adults are gray with dark markings on back and wings; head black, with creamy white cheek patch and crown.

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