Extra delegates £240 plus VAT per person. We continuously monitor the quality of our training by obtaining feedback on the two key scales of relevance and presentation from every course delegate. If a trauma is a complex network of interlinking neurones that can be easily or spontaneously triggered, with disturbing effects, then a counter-trauma is the same thing but with pleasurable effects. It was very well executed and the information was clear, well explained, interesting and beneficial … There has been relevant learning that I can take back to my team that will benefit our work practice in the future.". App. Your accreditation is given value by the fact of over 100,000 people having attended APT training. Adverse Childhood Experiences. Validation Plus. More. Recognising the damage. The Becoming ACEs Aware in California Training is a free, two-hour training to learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), toxic stress, screening, risk assessment, and evidence-based care to effectively intervene on toxic stress. We all know that an intimate relationship with the right partner reaches parts of the brain that talking therapies will always struggle to do. ACEs & Resilience Training Working toward a resilient community that prevents and reduces the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Guelph and Wellington County. a live event hosted online via Zoom. And you will learn why, and have slogans you can use post-course, and be keen to develop your own. CDC twenty four seven. The Dower House Thurnby About. Times: 10am - 3pm daily (including 45 minutes for lunch.). Adverse childhood experience can have impacts on the development and mental health of children and young people that may persist into adulthood and affect their life chances. The fee covers: tuition, workbook, certification, registration, and accreditation at APT’s Level 1, with option to sit the online exam to upgrade to Level 2. This means (i) that it contains the right amount of relevant information for its duration, and (ii) the information is presented in an engaging way, and in a way that will make it likely to be used after the course.  0116 241 8331 You will learn about positive approaches to negative behaviour, and why it is so important - and counter-intuitive - to use them. consultant psychologist) and have a talent for communication and teaching, then you are welcome to apply to become an APT-accredited tutor. Hope for the future. See APT accreditation for full details. COVID-19 Resources. (And you don’t even have to have your own Zoom account.). Saving Lives, Protecting People . How to do it. Training; Online Learning; Get Involved; Meetings; Contact; Select Page. So how do we square that circle and tackle this most important of taboos constructively? Examples include: aggressive behaviour, withdrawal, poor self esteem, hostility to others, lack of interest in activities, disturbed sleep and appetite, sadness, anxiety or anger problems, and poor relationships. The aim of this course is to repair the damage and so avoid those consequences. The course is available for teams and individuals and can be attended face-to-face or online. As a bona fide APT event, this course automatically has accreditation from The Association for Psychological Therapies. This is not only a highly appropriate use of senior professionals, but it also saves your organisation the tutor-component of the fee (around 50%) each time you run it or your chosen modules. If you are an APT-accredited tutor (or become one) then you can run, under license, any of our courses for which you have a suitable background knowledge. You will know about - and how to use - a key technique, alleged to be the secret of friendship, and is certainly one of the secrets of influencing people who have been through damaging events. It is important to be able to recognise children who have had experiences which are damaging enough to cause significant long term damage. Take me to the training Safe ACEs training online This UNIQUE Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Awareness Course has been published by College of life as a SAFE training option in response to the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Adverse Childhood Experiences / Trauma. ❯  To apply to become an APT-accredited tutor, click here. Sign up to our mailing list today. You may receive 2.0 Continuing Medical Education (CME) and 2.0 Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credits upon completion. So I must be really abnormal, unlovable, and disgusting"? Extra delegates: £300 plus VAT per person. Making sense of bad experiences, especially where 'logical, evidence-based reasoning' turns bad. ❯  To see the list of courses, click here. The creation of a clear self-image and good self-esteem, and why these are important. APT prides itself on the feedback we receive about our courses. Talking about sex. *These statistics were last updated in November 2019. promotes a greater understanding of the impacts of toxic stress and trauma, and supports efforts to address and prevent them. Repairing the Damage™ is a 3-day course from the Association for Psychological Therapies (APT), a leading provider of accredited Developmental Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences training courses in the UK and Ireland. (In fact relatively little time is spent on this because most delegates will be from facilities where this applies to most of the children.). Choose from one of the following dates to attend (3-days): Price: £320 plus VAT per person. "Without a doubt the most informative, relevant and enjoyable training I have attended to date.”, "I can honestly say as a Manager who has worked in Residential Care for 8 years that this was one of the most beneficial courses that I have been on. We bring the course and tutor to you, for an all-inclusive fee. A live and interactive online course, ask questions, make your observations, ‘Chat’ to other delegates. A … Everybody knows that parents always love their children. The Association for Psychological Therapies Price: £3,870 plus VAT for a group of up to 15 people (workbooks for every delegate are included in this price - if you require workbooks being sent to more than one location, there is an extra charge of £5 per extra address). You will understand the concept of counter-traumas, how to create them for others, and the result you can expect. You will understand what damage can be done to individuals while they are developing, in neuropsychological terms. Log In. Below are the average ratings for the last ten runnings of this course. Overall, you will understand the damage that events can cause to young people, and what you can do in everyday interactions to rectify it. You will be registered as having attended the course, thereby gaining APT's Level 1 accreditation, and receive a certificate to this effect. Counter-traumas. Why 'damage', although an unappealing term, is an apt one because of the effects on neural structures in the brain. These might be personal circumstances such as the death or divorce of parents or domestic violence, for example, or national and international disasters. Why this is such an important concept, and how to stimulate people to plan and work towards their futures. You will know how to create hope for the future, and understand why this is so important to do. Slogans are good! To book, call (UK) 0116 241 8331, or click the button: Option 2: Online Live and Exclusive course: Live, interactive online course exclusively for your team or organisation. Working with Extremely Traumatised Young People  ❯, Developmental Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs): Repairing the Damage™  ❯, Mental Health Awareness for those working with Children and Young People  ❯. Skip to main content. The accreditation is given value by over 100,000 professionals having attended APT courses.  office@apt.ac, All contents © Copyright APT Training and Consultancy Ltd.Terms of Use | Cookies & Privacy Policy, ❯  Suicide Risk Assessment and Management. Self-efficacy: quite different from self-esteem, self-efficacy is one of the commonthreads of successful interventions with adolescents; a key concept which we can actively enhance in young people.

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