American oak barrels are most prevalent due to the wood’s availability and relative affordability compared to the cost of imported wood staves or barrels. No Middle Man Markups & Extended Warranty Options Available. Once you have – you'll never go back to store bought again. So, when an oak tree falls in an American forest, its impact is much gentler on a winery’s bottom line. A French oak barrel costs about $1,000, while an American barrel is about $500. The smaller barrels up to 30 gallons are medium toasted for wine and #3 char for spirits, and barrels over 30 gallons are toasted and charred to the client’s specifications. Barrels Unlimited makes new oak barrels ranging in size from 5-59 gallons. For the most delicious and robust wine vinegars, there’s nothing like making your very own. Located in Higbee, Missouri, The Oak Cooperage (formerly known as A&K) has produced handcrafted, American oak barrels for the wine, whiskey and bourbon industries since 1972. American Oak Vinegar Barrels American oak vinegar barrels give your wine vinegars a depth, weight and complexity that glass and ceramic can't. It's easy. American Oak Barrel™, LLC Manufactures & Sells Charred Oak Aging Barrels Directly To The Public. These New American and Bordeaux-Style Wine Barrels are made of solid, air-dried American oak. It's quick.

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