Not doing programming. Zoology 3. Voices Now degrees are everywhere, even big companies are realising non-graduates like me made the right choice You’d probably be concerned … If you specialize (MIS), you can still get a general job (Consulting). You are far off better setting up a business if you want to get rich. The question is: how much do you stand apart from the others who did the same degree? ... Because you can still work at a Museum with a business degree, but you cant work in a financial office with a philosophy degree… While there are specific business degrees like accounting, finance, IT, marketing etc, it seems to me like there is a huge cross over between them and someone with a general business degree might be qualified for that and learn the rest on the job. If they want to be a professional preacher, then this certainly helps. Engineering has a mild boom-bust cycle of about 12-18 years duration. You will ended up working in insurance company anyway. I plan to take up the course after I finish STPM. It is clear that the trend is towards information technology and automation and this is set to remain the case for the foreseeable future. Personally, I think colleges in general are becoming oversaturated because you have the media and liberals continuing to push that the "way to success" is to get a college degree and NO employer will … It might seem like this because college degrees in general are getting “over saturated” compared to years past, but general business degrees are very valuable and often the most common and sought after of degrees. level 1 While business graduates seem to be a lot, business degree will forever be relevant. Many of the CompSci students end up becoming programmer, which in fact they should be studying software engineering instead of computer science. Cookies help us deliver our Services. But there are not enough jobs. You could also minor in a specific area if you go for the general business degree. Malaysia is a very optimal site for manufacturing and logistic. In Scandinavia for example - degrees like Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain or Marketing are only offered for Masters. Like you mentioned, anything outside of the degree can usually be learned on your own or on the job. We need more computer scientists actually. What exports do we have. It doesn’t quite work the other way around. The … While the two degrees are related, they aren't exactly the same. Depends what you make of it. One does not need to study econs to have a good guess. Speaking from situation in Europe, getting MSc in Business specific are(Finance/Accounting etc.) In some asian countries the situation is also different from US in some different ways. To answer this question, you need to understand what is Malaysia's GDP and where is it coming from. What I would advise to school leavers would be to pick up some jobs or even vocational training / apprenticeship. Press J to jump to the feed. Secondly you need to understand Malaysia is not a country where research and development is done. Field also matters in this case like FELDA is prolly gonna need people from bio engineering but industries like machine making , automotive engineering or even electronics require blue collar workers. Unemployment rate: 2.78% These are the people who design, build, and maintain ships of all types. There're too many people with design/art degrees. 1. Yeah, any decent business major program will set you up with the quantitative and teamwork skills that’ll help you in a variety of fields if you decide after that business isn’t for you. These jobs pay, on average, between $96,000 and $130,000 a year. Whatever falls in this category will surely have at least some decent demand. Architecture over saturated and difficult to git gud law, accounting, useless degrees that are very hard to become partner to earn big bucks, also will be automated by ai. Be a doctor only if you are passionate about patient care not $$$. I work at a top 25 business school and yes, it is supersaturated. Well I study Industrial Engineering with a more focus on business than automation part so I feel like I can provide a good insight. Traditional fields such as civil and petroleum engineering … I havent been in Malaysia since 3 years ago but I dont think Malaysias industry has changed much, so if anybody does please do correct me; ie tourism, oil and gas, plantation, manufacturing. If you go the specialized route, like accounting, then decide you hate accounting you may have a tougher time switching careers (but even then I doubt it). I mean. If you are a good candidate, your prospective employer will probably find you useful, regardless of your degree. If we are talking about business degrees from M7 unis in USA, they are scarce and open doors to prestigious opportunities, especially in Malaysia. Actuarial science 2. A subreddit for Malaysia and all things Malaysian. It’s best to start general then narrow your focus once you discover an interest in something. We tried to go into everything all at once, usually ended up half-baked and eventually a failure. If you consider that every company is a business … Watch Announcements Take our big Autumn term survey here - £100 vouchers up for grabs >> Don't get FOMO. Teacher, admin, tutor, translator, guide, marketing...heck even HR. Thirdly, what kind of policies is Malaysia pushing? For those who place high value on the understanding of religion, then it is certainly worth it. They should be developing a much more efficient algorithms or designing another operating system. Frankly, with development of automation and AI most fields became saturated, or over saturated. CS has the same, however, the base curve has been sharply increasing since the beginning of the Information Age. By now you should have noticed that business-related degrees cover four of the 10 most popular college majors, three of which account for the most popular studies overall. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. What economic activities are being enabled/ supported. Too many times we get the degree thinking (hoping) it’s our jalan to a comfortable life. No its not. Like how China used to be a master in copying anything from the West and now they are in their R&D phase of creating things for the market. Actually, scrap my other response. Unless, you go to a top ten school or a school with strong local alumni, then MBA is not really worth the cost and the time. Versatile and useful. I will say that sales jobs are often advertised as marketing jobs. Im not saying not to go for these kinds of degrees but I tbh feel like having a degree alone isnt suffcient. I think it’s more important these days to pick a top business major though like accounting/finance rather than marketing or business administration.

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