Powerlifting can often be a lot harder than weightlifting or bodybuilding. Lot’s of people often sacrifice their posture and form in exchange for more weight. Multiple studies have found that lifting a lower weight with the right form will bring you more results than more weight with bad form. To be safe, you need to warm up all of those muscles before you start. There are three main powerlifting workouts, the bench press, squats, and deadlift. While keeping your arms extended and shoulder blades neutral, slide your body back until your arms are reaching overhead. Just like power cleans, pushups are great for anybody in the fitness community, not just powerlifters. Keep your legs straight, together, and positioned slightly in front of your body. Step forward a little and then lean back into the doorway, controlling your body throughout. 3 sets x 6-7 reps (rest 1 minute between sets). The overhead press, or OHP, mostly works your shoulders and chest. The bench press is the first of the three main powerlifting exercises. This one applies less to the main powerlifting workouts, but it’s still a great accessory workout. Explode through the hips to pull the dumbbells up overhead and lock out your arms. Even though it happens to everyone, it raises your risk of injury to a level that makes it so you really should warm up, or stretch at the very least. The tire might be a little more difficult, but it can be done. This is because squats are one of the three exercises that you’ll actually be doing in competition. Internal rotation hip stretch – 1 min 3. Then perform a half squat while turning the dumbbells over in the front racked position and stand up. This is because there’s the risk of the weight falling onto you, potentially causing huge injury. Required fields are marked *. How to Train to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse! Return to step 1 in a fluid motion and repeat for desired reps. Start with the dumbbells positioned just off the shoulders. 4 sets x 6-8 reps (rest 3-4 minutes between sets). Grab the bar using a pronated (overhand) grip slightly wider than shoulder-width and hang down. These 3 workouts increase strength across all muscle groups in the body, which is why they’re the most important exercises. This being said, you need to get over that fear if you want to be able to lift a lot. 2 sets to failure (rest 1 minute between sets). Keep your shoulder blades together. If you can’t use the right form with your current weight, you need to go down a few pounds. But it also involves triple extension of the ankles, knees, and hips. Dumbbell Walking Lunge/Step … Make sure your shoulders remain neutral throughout. People have the same reaction with lifts like the bench press because it does have some danger to it. You need to pair these strength-building workouts with a great strategy and I’ll cover this in another article. Dumbbells are easier to get into position with this exercise compared to if you were using a barbell which is another advantage. The decline pushup is one of the best bodyweight options for working the chest and upper body pushing muscles in general. With that being said, you can go heavy on this lift. Bend your knees and flex your hips then explode upward through the hips while extending the arms overhead. One of the only downsides to sledgehammer hits is the lack of equipment and space. This helps with everyday activities like lifting objects, or if you have to help someone move. Use the same dumbbells throughout this entire workout. For now, I’ll go over the best workouts that will make you stronger. This is important for keeping a rigid upper body when performing the deadlift and bench press. It’s also a more possible exercise for those who may not be able to do the standard deadlift since typically, the range of motion is shortened. Power cleans are great for powerlifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders because they’re compound exercises, even more than other lifts. 3 sets to failure (rest 1 minute between sets). Matthew Magnante is the senior writer for Fitness Volt. Do not lift the dumbbell using your arms as the movement should occur through the power of the hip thrust. Powerlifting, compared to bodybuilding, is all about building strength, rather than getting bigger. Place your hands under your lower chest with arms extended about shoulder-width distance apart. You’ll benefit greatly from this movement by building explosive power and improving on some essential components needed for the basic weightlifting movements. Your email address will not be published. Again, any variation where you’re pulling up your own body weight is very necessary for improving many aspects of upper body strength and function.

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