Bacter ial leaf spot on the upper surfa ce of a beg onia leaf. Closely examine the leaves of the begonia plants. Treating Begonia Bacterial Leaf Spot The best way to maintain a healthy planting of begonias is to monitor and check the overall health of the flowers before planting them into the garden. Begonias in the early stages of leaf-spot disease develop yellow-margined, water-soaked spots. Severely affected leaves may … Figu re 1. Water Spots on Begonia Leaves Bacterial Leaf Spot. Note the yellow “Halos” around the lesions. Xanthamonas bacteria survive on previously infected begonia leaves. Managing Bacterial Leaf Spot. Bacterial leaf spot of begonia is caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv.begonia (formerly known as X. campestris pv.begonia) Symptoms include water-soaked foliar lesions and wilting.Foliar lesions are especially visible from the underside of the foliage. They're most likely to... Foliar Nematodes. The first signs of begonia leaf spot may often be present on the underside of the plants’ foliage. Control by surface or bottom watering, keep the humidity below 80 to 85 percent, space plants, and practice strict santiation. Lower surface of begonia leaf infected with bacter ial leaf spot.

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