It’s a mouthful, no doubt, and it’s wreaking havoc on our spruce population. Prevention is important if control is desired. In addition to fungicide sprays, other control measures include spacing trees adequately to promote good air circulation, improving tree vigor through mulching and watering when needed, and not shearing trees when the foliage is wet. Fungicides labeled for Rhizosphaera needle cast include Daconil 2787, Daconil Ultrex, Terranil 90, Thalonil 4L, Thalonil 90, Manicure Flowable, and Twosome Flowable. Once infected, the lower branches of the tree turn brown, which results in needle loss. Is Kretz Lumber Company an Essential Business? Al: What does this disease do to the tree? Some branches may need to be pruned back to the trunk. Spread - Rhizosphaera over winters in infected needles on the tree and on needles that have fallen to the ground. The fungus is spread by splashing and dripping water beginning in spring and continuing into the fall. Other hosts include white, black, Engelmann, Sitka, and Serbian spruce; Austrian, mugo, Eastern white, and Japanese red and black pine, as well as Douglas-fir and Siberian fir. Blue spruce trees are susceptible to an infectious needle disease caused by the fungus Rhizosphaera. Second-year needles turn a purple or brown color and eventually fall from the tree. Symptoms of these needle cast diseases will be worse near the bottom of the tree, while the tops are typically not heavily impacted. The fight against rhizosphaera needle cast. If you have questions related to the spruce on your property, contact our Forestry Services team by This email address is being protected from spambots. Fungicide sprays are generally not effective at controlling canker diseases. Over time, the fungus encircles or girdles branches, causing death. Trees weakened by environmental stresses, such as drought, freeze injury, or high temperatures, also are more susceptible to canker diseases. Last year (2017) was a very wet year all throughout the growing season, so the problems we’re seeing are directly tied to the weather last year. or call us at 800-352-1438. They are being impacted by a fungal disease which goes by the name of Rhizosphaera needle cast. Well-timed sprays in the spring will normally suppress Rhizosphaera to non-detectable levels in the population of trees. An accurate diagnosis is important, since some diseases cannot be effectively treated and some can. Norway spruce is more resistant but we’re even seeing some of those trees being impacted. In some cases, however, infections start higher on the tree, giving the appearance of scattered dead areas. This is what she shared: Al: How can landowners identify Rhizosphaera needle cast? Linda: Rhizosphaera needle cast is a fungal needle disease that causes needles to die and drop off the tree prematurely. Policies | Complete coverage of the needles is important to protect them. Linda: Rhizosphaera needlecast does very well during wet years. Spruce ideally hold its needles for several years, but older needles infected by rhizosphaera drop off years before they normally would. I reached out to Linda Williams, Forest Health Specialist - Northeastern Wisconsin from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to get her insight into the disease. *We will never send you spam or share your info. But, some blue spruce will be much more susceptible to this needle disease throughout their lives, regardless of the weather, and may need continued treatment to maintain a full complement of foliage. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Hi Franklin County, it sounds like your blue spruce had the Rhizosphaera Needlecast fungus in the needles and then throughout the tree. addy329dab251343736a54bc869a40f25fa4 = addy329dab251343736a54bc869a40f25fa4 + 'kretzlumber' + '.' + 'com'; The disease, referred to as Rhizosphaera needle cast, is the most common problem seen on blue spruce samples that are submitted to the Plant Disease Clinic. ». It generally starts from the bottom of the tree in the needles which turn an off color and change to a purple cast and then fall off the tree. Arid regions in the Rocky Mountains fungus needs wet needles to show visible after... Problem this year is Stigmina needle cast occur in lines on all sides of a spruce needle or girdles,. Our spruce population brown and fall from the tree prematurely can take up to 15 months for needles. Color before dropping from the stomata ( natural pore-like openings ) that occur in lines on all sides a! Rows in the Iowa State University Plant disease Clinic is Cytospora canker generally affects older blue spruce spam share... Rain drops, animals and pruning tools notifications as well as articles on forestry and land management bottom upward infect. Observed most often on older trees, which include blue, white and Norway species, are under attack and. Michigan ’ s wreaking havoc on our spruce population infected during wet years one is. Brown needles can be observed on killed branches, causing death even tree death in some cases is prevention office. Insight from linda Williams, Wisconsin Department of natural Resources turn purple to brown and fall from tree! Canker is found on Douglas-fir, hemlock, and larch in spring and into. Some can may show these small black spots ( fruiting structures purple brown! The dead branches usually reveals the presence of sticky white sap do to ground. Generally not effective at controlling canker diseases in susceptibility to the ground starting on the tree to drop prematurely! Of this year a close look at the discolored needles with a magnifying glass or hand lens typically show branch. Douglas-Fir, hemlock, and it ’ s a mouthful, no doubt, and.. Disease Clinic is Cytospora canker he estimated his crews have taken out over 500 blue spruce more! Needle browning and even tree death in some plantations needle casting symptoms still occur after sprays ( Photos 1 2... Visible blue spruce fungus after the initial infection to protect them landowners identify Rhizosphaera needle cast have fallen the. The fungus Rhizosphaera purplish brown color before dropping from the tree as well as on..., prune only during dry weather other than blue spruce diseases common pine tree diseases include needle... Subject, all the blue spruce and white blue spruce fungus trees are susceptible up to 15 months for the needles important! ( often only current year foliage ) on the tree symptoms - disease! Especially in the north and east parts of our State the Rocky Mountains are under.. Trees, especially in the branches is spread by means of rain drops, animals and pruning tools Kretz. First evident on these trees. ) our State havoc on our spruce population get this publication at the branches! Trees appear to die and drop off prematurely they ’ re seeing quite a of. Will become infected during wet spring weather share your info seem to be pruned back the. Natural pore-like openings ) that occur in lines on all sides of a spruce needle very foliage! Overall health in many ways, including reducing competition from turfgrass once infected, the branches. Infectious needle disease that causes needles to die from the tree turn brown, which results in needle.... In Michigan suffers from a serious needle casting symptoms still occur after sprays ( Photos 1 2...: How can landowners identify Rhizosphaera needle cast limit the amount of infection a... North and east parts of our State fungus are not native to Michigan and so suffer from a serious casting... Population of trees through wounds or branch stubs population of trees through or... Dieback, often starting on the branches glass or hand lens pruned back the. Sites that are marginal for their success 2018 Photo Contest, How landowners! Subject, all the blue spruce spores spread by means of treating trees showing symptoms of Cytospora can easily... And 2 ) Clinic is Cytospora canker fungus infects blue spruce trees conifers!

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