Lavs are going to be your best bet for capturing clean, clear dialogue audio. A lav microphone is a small, compact microphone that you will often see hanging on a shirt or tie. While there is no set-in-stone formula for when to use certain mics, your location, crew, and video will all determine which mic is right for your shoot. But what about audio? What you do need to do is decide which type of mic will give you the performance and characteristics you require for each particle shoot. Freedom of Costume: lav mics can pick up the rustle of clothing, a sound that can render a recording unusable. Lav mics are perfect for corporate videos, reality TV, and how-to videos. Select the method of audio recording that works best with your budget and production, and if you’re able to, consider employing the use of each for the appropriate scenes in your film. If you are able to hide the lav discreetly on the actor it can be used as a secondary source of audio for the editor to work with in post. Boom vs Lavalier Mics. While filming a dramatic production an unfortunate glimpse of the sound equipment is something to be avoided. Some of the most popular boom mics on the market are: When picking out a good boom setup, it’s best not to skimp on the pole. Backup Audio: Sometimes location sound cannot be avoided, be it the drone of a helicopter that is hovering above your set, or the ceaseless siren that is cutting into your schedule. November 13, 2019 by news Leave a Comment. Some boom mics are so sensitive that they can pick up the boom operators heart beat if they’re mounted on a bad pole. You can normally get a decent boom pole for under $100. Booms are a reliable way to record and do not require the subject to take special care with their clothing. The image of the pole-bearing boom operator is synonymous with film production. Freedom of Costume: lav mics can pick up the rustle of clothing, a sound that can render a recording unusable. A boom microphone is made up of two components: a boom pole and a unidirectional shotgun mic that captures sound from the direction you point it. The first step to getting great audio is picking the right microphone. The ability to point the shotgun mic at the subject’s sternum instead of their mouth produces a more natural quality of recording. The DESIGNATED BC PTIB Mark and Shield and BC EQA Mark are owned by the Government of British Columbia and used under license. Lavalier Mics A boom microphone picks up a higher tonal quality than a lavalier and does not attach to a person. Compared to the excitement that goes hand-in-hand with selecting the camera, sound can be an afterthought: a single line on an already overwrought budget, packed with expenses that are much more immediately compelling than the eventual audio technician leaning over his mixing board. Sound is often the most overlooked aspect of production for unseasoned filmmakers. They’re also lightweight enough that you can use gaffers tape to help hide them. The importance of clear, well recorded audio may not become apparent until after the shoot has been completed and the editor first sits downs, only to hear a cacophony of background chatter, overmodulation, and that car alarm that didn’t seem quite so loud when you were on location. Distance is an excellent camouflage for these mics that may easily be spotted in a close up shot. Shutterstock is a leading global provider of high-quality licensed photographs, vectors, illustrations, videos and music to businesses, marketing agencies and media organizations around the world. The benefits of using a boom include: Like every other element of filmmaking, sound recording will require some thought and preparation. Use PICK10FREE at checkout. While no unidirectional mic is perfect, they do a really good job at isolating your subject from unwanted background noise. Boom mics are perfect for narrative film, controlled environments, and distraction-free videos. So really, there isn’t a debate about using a shotgun mic vs lavalier mics. You can effectively capture dialogue, ambient sound, and Foley for post-production mixing. Booms are a reliable way to record and do not require the subject to take special care with their clothing. This method of capturing audio is made up of several working parts: a shotgun mic, the furry wind-shield cover (aptly nicknamed the ‘deadcat’) and the pole that these items are mounted on. While no unidirectional mic is perfect, they do a really good job at isolating your subject from unwanted background noise. Good boom poles will have padding to help dampen sound and a bracket to hold the mic in place. These button-sized microphones are frequently seen in documentary productions, tucked into the lapel of an interview subject. This is why you will typically see a boom mic operator turning the microphone to face the subject. One of the things that distinguishes a boom mic from other production mics is its unidirectional pickup pattern. The front of the mic is suspended above the subject just out of view of the camera, to capture dialogue. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the two most common video mics used by pros: the boom microphone and the lavalier. © 2013-2020 Shutterstock Inc. All rights reserved. With some careful placement, lavs can be rendered largely undetectable in a shot. Instead of recording all of the sound in a room, a boom mic is specifically designed to pickup sound directly in front of the microphone. I compared the On camera mic, to the lapel mic, to the boom mic to help you decide what mic is best for you. Full Control: While a rogue lav mic is impossible to fix without stopping a scene, a boom operator doesn’t have to interrupt the action to modify the position of his microphone. While it excels at capturing dialogue, trying to use this mic to capture room tone or the overall soundscape of the environment is a different story. Check out these helpful articles from around the web: Try Shutterstock and get 10 images for free. Unfortunately many inexperienced film and video pros don’t put enough thought into their sound needs — even though great audio has the power to turn a subpar video production into something more. There are several ways to capture sound for your video, each microphone with its own advantages and disadvantages. 306 Abbott Street This microphone is attached to an extendable arm called the boom and requires an operator. There are pros and cons for each design. The great thing about lavs is that they are small and can easily go wireless. If you have a production gig coming up, you’ve likely got your camera locked down and ready to go. © 2020 - InFocus Film School Inc. Are you trying to find the best mic for great audio in your online videos. You can hide these mics fairly easy, such as underneath a tie or underneath of a shirt. This is why you will typically see a boom mic operator turning the microphone to face the subject. Boom-mounted shotgun mics let you pick up a focused area, with very little off-axis noise, and their tight polar pattern provides better performances at longer distances than typical condenser microphones. Wide Shots: When the shot is simply too wide to facilitate a boom but you would prefer not to use ADR to record dialogue, a lav will come in handy. Vancouver, BC V6B 2K9 Natural Audio: The sound that the boom picks up is superior to the lav … Although shotgun mics must be carefully monitored to ensure that the direction is correct and that the boom hasn’t dipped into frame, they are an extremely versatile method of audio recording that is seen on virtually every film set. And if you’re looking to take your microphone skills to the next level? Tricky Shots: Locations can prove challenging when it comes to finding a place to hang the boom. Instead of planning to “fix it in post,” choose wisely when selecting your sound equipment for a sure-fire audio strategy. Some of the most popular lav mics currently on the market are: Just like the boom, the lav has its share of limitations. :: Ready, Set, Pitch! You’ll probably be using both types of mics during your varios video shoots. Lavalier or Lav Microphone. If you’re serious about getting the best audio possible you should own both a boom and lav mic. If you liked this, click here for some more audio tips. Although they are fairly low profile they require a somewhat bulky transmitter, a black box the size of a pack of cards that can connect with or without a wire to the microphone, usually secured in the back pocket of the subject.

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