Hi Jeanne, I’ve seen the purple sweet potatoes, but have yet to try them. I enjoy it and love the taste. Thank you for sharing your results with us. Learn how to make the best homemade sweet potato pie recipe from scratch! I’m not sure if you’re making a statement that pumpkin spice is never included in Sweet Potato Pie, or are you asking if it IS ever included. Only thing I had to cook it 15 min longer, til the tooth pick came out dry. Grab your potato masher, or something similar, and mash the potatoes. I actually had to ride with it in my backpack while biking to my friend’s for dinner and it barely looked like a pie anymore, but it tasted great. Recipes contained in this site summarized from various third parties, and we do not guarantee the validity or authenticity of its contents. Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving. I love this site and I use it regularly. I hope you made one as well. I want to say thank you so much for your recipe! This year for Thanksgiving I will try this recipe. Keep up the good work. I’d be interested to know what you think about it. It doesn’t use eggs, it doesn’t use brown sugar, and it can be made just as easily using a ready made pie crust, or one you’ve made from scratch. Hi Steve did you try it yet with eggs…Eggs make the pies firmer n not fall apart when u cut it. ★☆ Keep on being inspiring. I do hope you’ll stop by again… real soon. DrStarve has more than 28,220 recipes from Appetizers and Snacks, Bread, Breakfast and Brunch, Desserts, Drinks, Everyday Cooking, Fruits and Vegetables, Holidays and Events, Main Dish, Meat and Poultry, Pasta and Noodles, Salad, Seafood, Side Dish, Soups, Stews and Chili, Trusted Brands: Recipes and Tips, World Cuisine. We’ve got a full step-by-step on how to make your own crusts right here on Taste of Southern. Hopefully it will encourage someone else to try it as well. Hi Brenda, Wow, you’ve been busy. DrStarve brings a variety of world-class recipes to your family and your cooking is no longer boring. Should you ever decided you’re not interested any longer, it’s even easier to have your name removed from our list. Have you ever heard of this? It’s FREE, as I mentioned, and you can sign up in the box below. I was surprised at how close your recipe tasted to my mom’s recipe growing up. I also suggest that you keep a bottle of this stuff handy at all times. I will almost always go to the Family Cookbook first when looking a particular recipe. I’m happy it had no egg, I don’t recall her using any. On Thanksgiving, back in the midwest it is tradition to have Sweet Potato Pie with your meal, but apparently not so much here on the west coast. Every recipe is property of their respective owners, and we do not claim that in any way. It was one my Aunt Bessie had submitted, and it didn’t call for eggs. Personally, I’ve made many different pie crusts, from Italian style crustada to a traditional butter only fat content, and I LOVE what the shortening does to the crust. I once forgot eggs when rushing and just wasn’t the same. My mother Connie is your cousin. If you don't believe it just watch and try it ! -Steve. Plus sweet potato pie is far superior to pumpkin. I love church cookbooks and old family type cookbooks that were usually made as some type of fundraiser. Thank you for your visit today and be sure to stop by again… real soon. Thank you! I found it online last Thanksgiving and my wife loves it! Don’t have a potato masher? According to the recipe I baked 10 minutes at 400, then reduced heat to 350 and baked it 30 minutes. There aren’t any in Sweet potato Pie. After about 15 minutes, if needed, cut some strips of aluminum foil about 2 inches wide, and gently wrap them around the edges of the crust, and then let it bake on out until done. Anyway, I’m glad you were able to enjoy the recipe and I do hope you’ll stop by for another visit with us… real soon. I give you a lot of credit for at least trying to make a sweet potato pie for the first time. Thank you for the suggestion. I do appreciate your visit today. Add the Happy Home Pure Vanilla Flavoring Extract. ThankYou!!! It came out the most beautiful shade of purple! Let it settle down into the dish and then gently press it in around the bottom edges. Printable recipe included. It’s much easier to clean up any mess this way. Smile. Place in refrigerator until ready to fill. But, that’s the nice thing about cooking, you can add ingredients you like and leave out the ones you don’t care for. You’ll find the full step-by-step, photo illustrated recipe for our Basic Pie Crust Recipe here. My father in law, from Tennessee, always said that a sweet tater pie should not be treated like a pumpkin pie. Smile. If you find any recipe that should not be here please contact us immediately. Prepare the dough for the crusts ahead of time, freeze it, and you’ll be ready to make pies about any time you get in the mood.

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