Other than leg extensions and leg adduction and abduction, every quad exercise is compound. Because they incorporate two sets of joints (shoulder and elbow), chest presses hit the pectorals with assistance from the front deltoids and triceps. “metabolically active tissue”) than isolation exercises, they also increase calorie burn to a greater extent. Stiff-leg or Romanian deadlifts target the hams with other lower-body muscles. Hold that position as you walk. A compound exercise engages more than one body part. Stand with your feet hip-width apart (step a foot slightly behind you for stability if necessary), holding two dumbbells in front of your shoulders, palms facing each other. Because the many types of pullups, pulldowns, and rows are all compound, it’s likely you’re already doing an all-compound back routine. Grab a chin-up bar with an underhand grip that’s slightly wider than shoulder-width, and hang at arm’s length (a position known as a dead hang). The lower back and calves may also chip in. But they also make it more difficult to hit those targets. Because all the common calf exercises isolate the lower legs, you need something unique to hit your lower legs with your thighs. The 30-Minute Total-Body Strength Workout. Box crawl. Compound Movements. Perform equal reps on both sides. This is the starting position. Compound exercises allow you to utilize the heaviest weights, better overloading the targeted muscles. In contrast, any flying motion (whether with dumbbells, cables, or machines) is an isolator. Compound exercises allow you to utilize the heaviest weights, better overloading the targeted muscles. Walk for 20 to 30 seconds to complete one “set.”. The sooner you get to know these classic gym moves, the faster you’ll start making serious strides towards your goals. Mixing your grip forces your back, shoulders, and core to work harder to prevent you from rotating. With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded in just 28 days. Incline dip: Instead of crossing your ankles behind you, raise your thighs in front of you, so that both your knees and hips form 90-degree angles. Try these seven exercises for ... You don't need an Olympic barbell set at home to start getting in shape! Keeping your back flat, chest up, and core braced, push your hips back and lower the weights to mid-shin level, keeping them close to your body (your hips should remain higher than your knees). Grab a pair of dumbbells and hold them at arm’s length in front of your thighs, palms facing back. Pause, and then slowly lower the dumbbell to the starting position. Here are 10 that can help you maximize muscle growth from head-to-toe. The Best Full Body Workout Exercise 1: Barbell Bench Press Muscleandfitness.com is part of A360 Media LLC Fitness & Health Network. Deadlifts target the spinal erectors along with a panoply of lower- and upper-body muscles, and good mornings work the spinal erectors with the hamstrings. Negative chin-up: Position a chair, box, or bench so that when you stand on it and grab the bar with an underhand, shoulder-width grip, your arms are bent slightly. For example, adding leg and back motion to barbell curls distributes much of the work to secondary muscles. Functional strength exercises, he explains, build real world strength and often resemble everyday movements. “That leads to greater ‘mechanical tension,’ which is a key growth stimulus,” says Thieme. If you’re short on time, you can get a lot more work in by using compound movements. A science type might tell you that other joints move too — the whole “foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone” concept — but, primarily, the movement occurs at your shoulder joints. The higher the surface, the easier the exercise becomes. Likewise, though most bodybuilders think of lunges as a quad and glute exercise, they actually work the hams (and glutes) more than the quads. Barbell bench press: Swapping dumbbells for a barbell increases stability, allowing you to press more weight, but slightly reduces overall muscle recruitment. You can also do strict pulldowns with an underhand grip, focusing on the top half of the movement (when the elbows are coming down and not back). Performing the squat is similar to standing up from a seated position, whereas doing an isolation move like the leg extension is similar to, well, nothing you’d typically do anywhere else besides the gym. Now we come to perhaps the most difficult body part to hit with an all-compound workout. By contrast, consider a lateral raise, in which you hold two dumbbells in front of your legs and raise them out to your sides. Decline push-up: Instead of placing your feet on the floor, place them on a stable, elevated surface. Keeping your core braced, back flat, and elbow tucked toward your body, pull the dumbbell to the side of your torso. You can also do bench dips with your feet in front of you and hands behind your back. This is due to these exercises utilizing multiple major muscle groups at one, which effectively burns more calories. So the bench press, push-up, squat, row, and lunge are all compound movements, whereas the biceps curl, dumbbell fly, and triceps extension are all isolation exercises. For example, an overhead press works the deltoids and triceps. Pull-up: Perform the move with an overhand grip. Isolation moves, after all, are more targeted, demand less coordination, and can generally entail lifting less weight. A primary body part is engaged. Keeping your back straight and core engaged, pull your elbows to your sides and squeeze your shoulder blades together to bring your chin above the bar. This is the starting position. Do them rigidly to target the biceps more and back less. As a result, a routine that includes the push-up, pull-up, deadlift, and lunge will ultimately burn more fat than one that includes the chest fly, straight arm row, hamstring curl, and leg extension. The overhead press, by contrast, works not only all three heads of the deltoid, but also the triceps, and (to a lesser extent) the upper pectorals as well. Compound exercises are classified as exercises that stimulate all of your major muscle groups, which leads to an increased metabolic output (i.e., increased fat burning) for several hours after your workout. Copyright 2020 JW Media, LLC, parent company of Muscle & Fitness. More complex body parts, such as the back, can be easily trained with only compound exercises. Here are some of the best hamstring exercises for building strength, muscle mass, and more balanced legs. Your information has been successfully processed! For an extra stretch (without dumbbells), try doing these on stairs, maximizing ranges of motion by landing the balls of your feet on the edges of risers as you climb. This is the starting position. Single-joint body parts, like biceps, are difficult to work with compound exercises. “The bulk of the exercises in most people’s workouts should be compound,” says Openfit Senior Manager of Fitness and Nutrition Content Trevor Thieme, C.S.C.S. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children. Like the upper back, the chest is easy to work all-compound. Exercise experts don’t agree on much, but nearly all of them agree that compound exercises are a strength-and-fitness seeker’s best friend. The same is true of dips, though you should lean into them to hit the pecs more and triceps less. Reverse lunge: Instead of stepping forward, step backward into a lunge position, alternating sides each rep. Side Lunge: Instead of stepping forward or backward, step sideways with your right foot, keeping your left leg straight and lowering your body until your right thigh is parallel to the floor. Sign up below to receive our newest workout routines, recipes, news stories, and offers from our partners. Continue alternating sides with each rep. Get on all fours with your feet together, body straight from head to heels, and hands in line with (but slightly wider than) your shoulders. A compound exercise engages more than one body part. A third possibility is the cheat barbell curl, which involves the legs and lower back to swing a heavy weight up. Mix and match the moves below and get started! Consider the overhead press — wherein you stand and push a weight straight above you from shoulder level. Secondary body parts assist and are worked less, sometimes only during part of the movement. Pause, and then lower yourself slowly to a dead hang (try to take five seconds to do so). Why should you focus primarily on compound exercises in your workouts? Narrow-grip upright rows work the traps with assistance from medial delts and biceps. Old-school grip exercises, like the farmer’s walk, target the hands and forearms along with other muscles. Grab the handles of a dip station and jump or step up to the starting position: arms straight, chest up, back flat, feet off the floor, and ankles crossed behind you. Therefore, you get more benefits than when you do a workout that emphasizes isolation exercises. Simultaneously jump up and pull your upper chest to the bar with your legs pointed slightly in front of you. Romanian deadlift: Perform the same movement keeping your legs mostly straight with just a slight bend in your knees.

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