Price: £14.95. Add to basket . The Congo Tetra grows larger than most tetras but is still peaceful and fairly tolerant of boisterous tank mates. Sign in for checkout Check out as guest . Aquatics to your Door makes buying fish online an easy and enjoyable experience. Regular price … Scientific name: Phenacogrammus interruptus Click here for more information about Congo Tetras. Regular price $11.99 View. New batch of High Quality Fantails back in stock! Feed fry after 48 hours with infusoria for two days then introduce newly hatched brineshrimp. We always aim to supply the fish as close to the purchase size as possible. How hard are they to keep? Alternatively, if you live close to us our shop is available to visit, we are located 5 minutes from Gatwick Airport in Surrey. All our fish are available to be delivered directly to your door the very next day. What do you feed them? Glo-Fish Tetra Orange Sunburst Skirt. Unavailable online. 18 Items . Place a good-conditioned pair in a breeding tank (temperature- 25C,PH 6.5) approximately one hour before turning out the lights.They will probably spawn the following morning. Feeding – In the aquarium it’s easily-fed but the best condition and colours offer regular meals of small live and frozen foods such as bloodworm, Daphnia, and Artemia alongside good quality dried flakes and granules, at least some of which should include additional plant or algal content. Mature adults are easy to distinguish by their extended finnage and ragged looking caudal fin. Regular price $6.99 View. Overnight shipping on all orders. Congo Tetra are peaceful community fish and are generally accepeted by a wide range of tank mates. Congo Tetra Pictures: 3" Congo Tetras swimming in our aquariums. on New batch of High Quality Fantails back in stock! How do you breed them? How do you breed them? What is its maximum size? 100% buyer satisfaction. See tank mates. Price from £4.85. Unavailable in-Store. The eggs will adhere to plants or a spawning mop and will hatch in 4 to 6 days. Today the majority offered for sale are captive bred. Items Per Page Sort By. High quality aquarium fish at the lowest prices online and shipped right to your door. 20 watchers. Temperature 22-26°c. However if this is not possible, we will always contact you to discuss. It is reasonably hardy and easy to care for. Redeem your points | Conditions for uk nectar points - opens in a new window or tab. PH 6-7.5. Candy Cane Tetra. The picture above shows a Congo Tetra for sale in our store. Feed a varied diet of frozen, freeze dried and flake foods. Regular price $2.99 View. The fish are selected at random however you are welcome to make a note on the order and the fish manager will do his best for you. £13.95 buy as many different batches of fish as you like for £13.95 total delivery price!!!! 4367 Premium Blind Cave Tetra Also called the Blind Cave Fish Pictures: a 3" long Blind Cave Tetra. Prices 4365 Premium Congo Tetra Pictures: a 3" long Congo Tetra. The standard cost is £14.95 for any orders under £100. Neon Tetra. Watch this item Unwatch. The item you've selected wasn't added to your basket. Regular price $3.99 View. Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. To qualify for combined postage you must either put all the items you want in your basket before buying. Price from £4.85. For orders over £100, it is free. PLEASE NOTE CURRENTLY WE ARE EXPERIENCING HIGH DEMAND AND SOME DAYS MAY BE BLOCKED OFF ON OUR CALENDAR AT CHECKOUT, CAUSING A LONGER WAIT THAN USUAL. Click on each picture to see a bigger picture. Congo Tetra should be fed a variety of flake, frozen, freeze dried and live foods for a varied diet. Your rating (move your mouse over to select), Click the odd one out to submit your review, Copyright © 2001-2020 The Trop Co. All rights reserved.Website by Carpco, Stunning Tropical Fish Delivered Direct To Your Door. Pay one delivery charge for multiple purchases !!!! Congo Tetra for Sale SKU. Visit us online today at The iFISH Store! Check out our SPECIALS on Discus and Cichlids! Or you must request a … Wide selection of species and sizes available for all types of freshwater aquariums. Tanks Mates and Compatibility - Lively and somewhat skittish but generally peaceful making it an ideal resident of the well-researched, larger community aquarium. We recommend a shoal of 4 or more. Please note – Some images used are library photos and will show the colour potential at a fully mature size, as our fish are juvenilles they may vary. Ideal water conditions are slightly acidic to neutral, slightly soft water but they will adapt to a wide range of water parameters. They can be sensitive to water fluctuations so should only be added to an aquarium once it is fully established and mature. $6.99. on Festive Delivery Days and Opening Hours. The standard cost is £14.95 for any orders under £100. Tetra Available in Stores. 30-day returns. How compatible is it with other fish? How many can I keep? Unavailable online. The Congo Tetra when adult is one of the most impressive medium sized characins. They can be nervous if kept in small numbers. Set Descending Direction ... Congo Tetra . Being omnivores they will happily accept a wide range of foods. They are fairly easy to care for although they can be a bit partial to some aquarium plants. This is dependent on current stock at the time of your order. Unavailable in-Store . Quantity Price per Item; 1+ Items: £5.09: 5+ Items: £5.00: 10+ Items: £4.85: Quantity: Add to wishlist; Leave a review ; The Congo tetra has a typical full-bodied tetra shape with rather large scales. Common Name Congo Tetra Scientific Name Phenacogrammus interruptus Wild Origin Zaire Maximum Size 7.5cm (3inch) Congo Tetra:Tank Parameters Required: pH 6 - 6.8 gH 3 - 18 kH 4 - 8 TDS 50 - 250 Temperature 24 to 27°C or 76 to 80 °F Temperament: Great schooling and community fish, They can be in a tank with adult shrimp Price per Item; 1+ Items: £7.96: 5+ Items: £7.75: 10+ Items: £7.50: Quantity: Add to wishlist; Leave a review; The Congo Tetra grows larger than most tetras but is still peaceful and fairly tolerant of boisterous tank mates. Glowlight Tetra .

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