Ritzer is concerned with the way in which rationalization is played out in the context of consumer culture, namely, through the processes of efficiency, calculability, predictability, and control. Consumer culture: History, theory and politics. Rather than viewing culture as a fairly homogenous system of Nava, Mica. Consumer culture can be distinguished from consumption per se, insofar as it is more about the relationship between the material and the cultural rather than the status and inequalities implied by the ownership of consumer goods. For them contemporary society is notable for its fragmented volatility. 1997. Ritzer, George. This reflected broader trends such as the “Cultural Turn” and the increased focus on the cultural dimensions of post-modernity. 2d ed. I think it will be essential reading for graduate student seeking entrée to studying consumer culture, and useful for seasoned scholars seeking to extend some of the key conversations in our field. I can't wait to bring this into my classroom! However, sociologists have increasingly come to recognize the value of studying consumer culture for its own sake. The consumer society reader. A book that readers will be eager to turn to again and again. Interested marketing practitioners and scholars – also from consumer research and marketing outside CCT, consumer sociologists/anthropologists,… Indeed, everybody grabbling to understand consumer culture… you can all start here! Please subscribe or login. A key contribution that emphasizes the sociological significance of the accumulation of material culture. Meanwhile, Slater 1997 designates consumer culture as an issue intimately bound up with that of modernity, while Gabriel and Lang 1995 explores the consumer from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Sociology 24.1: 5–22. Please refer to our updated inspection copy policy for full details. E-mail Citation » In one of the most comprehensive of the key textbooks on consumer culture, Sassatelli presents a rich interpretation of the diverse range of theoretical approaches to consumer culture. Instructors: To support your transition to online learning, please see our resources and tools page whether you are teaching in the UK, or teaching outside of the UK. Oxford Bibliographies Online is available by subscription and perpetual access to institutions. A book that readers will be eager to turn to again and again. Research Methods, Statistics & Evaluation, Legends in Consumer Behavior: Russell W. Belk, Legends in Consumer Behavior: Morris B. Holbrook, Legends in Consumer Behavior: James R. Bettman. Gabriel, Yiannis, and Tim Lang. It is bound to become a major resource for CCT scholars and students at all levels of their career. In this chapter, we aim to describe some of the disciplinary fault lines—to use Alexander and Phillips’s (2001) metaphoric framing of disciplinary tensions—that have shaped the intellectual contours of CCT, profile the primary theoretical motifs that Lury 1996 is particularly effective on the consumption of identity in a changing world, while Nava 1991 and Sassatelli 2007 highlight the political significance of consumption. Consumer Culture Theory is one of the most exciting areas of interdisciplinary inquiry today. Each chapter tackles a complex theoretical issue in CCT and brings it to life with verve. The unmanageable consumer: Contemporary consumption and its fragmentations. 1990. Consumer culture theory (CCT) is a field of inquiry that seeks to unravel the complexi - ties of consumer culture. This collection is a well-curated set of contributions on some of the key topics we need to know about to understand consumer culture. The book considers the consumer in various guises, including that of chooser, identity-seeker, and victim and the proposition is that the more social institutions, such as industry or politicians, try to control the consumer the more unmanageable he or she becomes. was to become consumer culture theory arose as a follow-up to the marketing research interest in motivational theory in the 1950s.

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