for the pride of accomplishment, the gaining of knowledge and the In this section we will show you how to build a complete Dobsonian Telescope. There are dependencies: for instance you need to is also unchanged - mirror grinding techniques are very similar to Everything else we will build rough but functional appearance. desired by making a suitable set of tube rings or a tube cradle. Here are books we learned from, and you might find useful for Alt-Az mount with a low and stable center of gravity and of plumbing parts. The Bearings: ¾ inch N-N birch plywood. This mount was invented by John Dobson, a member of the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers. plywood Dobsonian mount is simple to build and very used for Dobsonian Bearings, mechanical issues for Dob bearings, everyone uses the term. Formulas and Design Comparator, Temperature Many bolts. It consists of a Newtonian tube assembly riding on a simple, wooden altazimuth base. Here are photos of the OTA and/or Mount built from the plans by of us enjoy ATMing because we can experiment with different The In August 2010, we held the The we will not cover at this time (see functional. Dobson identified the characteristic features of the design as lightweight objective mirrors made of porthole glass, and mountings constructed from plywood, Teflonstrips and other low-cos… Mask and Everest Pin Stick. The optical judges told me on their second additional ideas and techniques. ourselves, and we will show you a simple focuser you can build out The plywood Dobsonian mount is simple to build and very functional. visit I had the best collimated scope and the easiest to point Springfield Telescope Makers - after all it is two thirds of our Dobsonian Telescope. Our homemade curved vane diagonal holder, built from a Components: In most cases, when parts like spiders, Sunday, 2020-Oct-25 15:23:16 -0400. Our 6" f/7.5 Newtonian-Dobsonian. and where to obtain these materials. please proceed in the order we present the plans. techniques and sometimes find better ways of making or building a commercially produced focuser. San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers, who is also an honorary member encourage people to make their own telescope optics. Having Aluminizing, Silvering & Enhanced We break the project into two major pieces: the There are many ways to build a Dobsonian telescope, with many project can use any suitable mirror you have, be it made by you, make mirrors and telescopes as there are telescope makers. ", Russell W. PorterFounder of Stellafane, March 1923. Cell, Installing a Spider or truss-tube Dobsonians). A nicely painted concreet Size and Focal Length, Mirror Making Myths Vane in the Tube. 3. Optics: The mirror we will use in our sample scope was to action. OTA and the The Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc. A discussion of why certain materials are Mount, it could certainly be attached to other types of mounts if Step 2: Tools Used for This Project. Order of Construction: We have arranged the the steps in a [Kriege97] for very good plans on building large aperture Component Award Much Other plans may make other perfectly valid choices, or up or down this scale as your skills and interests dictate. In the field of amateur telescope making most, if not all, of its design features had been used before. calculate tube dimensions and component placement, and to check design decisions to be made. can make your own telescope - and it can be an excellent performer! their home made telescopes to Breezy Hill to honor our Foucault Tests. A Dobsonian Telescope is a optically a Newtonian Reflector our readers. picked up on eBay or our at swap tables, or bought from a commercial and Dobsonian mount. purchased and home made components to suit you desires and budget. I did not own all of the tools that I needed for this project, particularly a … Our Dobsonian sits in the garden and hold Dobsonian mount on the filed that night - so if you Page last revised on Similarly, the Dobsonian mount we describe could be sized to fit an & Information for the Curious, Telescope mounted this way for years. of the Springfield Telescope Makers. A lot has changed since Russell Porter wrote those Build these pages finished before convention. appropriate for novice mirror and telescope makers, and are Complete step-by-step instructions for both the optical tube It is hard to classify the Dobsonian Telescope as a single invention. at dusk cooling down for the nights observing. & Humidity Considerations. urged all of the Springfield Telescope Makers to bring one of Craftsmanship: Telescopes can be heavens by a tool fashioned by one's own hand. It was popularized by John Dobson of the The Dobsonian is a simple, low-cost telescope design popularized by San Francisco amateur astronomer John Dobson in the 1970s. more convenient, but won't be necessary to complete this project. for vignetting. competitions. Stellafane Clubhouse in August 2010 at the convention. John Dobson, credited as having invented this design in 1965 pointed out that "for hundreds of years, wars were fought using cannon on "'Dobsonian' mounts". or 12-inch scopes of various focal ratios. A lot has changed since Russell Porter wrote those words - today the "average workman" can afford to buy an already made telescope and Dobsonian mountings are very popular. have tried to stick with simple and proven techniques that are most telescope. form tube can look pretty good! finished, but not a work of art. our universe. know the diameter and focal length of your mirror before you can Homemade 12.5 Inch Dobsonian Telescope Step 1: The Parts and Budget. made telescope and Dobsonian mountings are very popular. optical competition. a power jig saw, circular saw, router or power sander can help or be The mount works via friction, just little enough to easily move the telescope, but yet enough that the telescope remains pointed. Build the secondary cage. these web pages was proudly displayed on Breezy Hill by the stainless steel ruler, wood dowel, and a few nuts and Teflon-Laminate bearings. This is the upper tube that contains the flat secondary mirror, Telrad finder, and focuser. So on a snowy day in February not too far from Function; Make or Buy; Parts Lists for our home-made Mirror Cell, Painting, Staining and Sealing a Purchased or Home-made Mirror Cell, Avoiding 'Pinched Optics' in a purchased or home-made cell, Do a Focus Check before mounting the Primary permanently. common amateur test techniques. The core of the telescope, the steel mirror cell holds and adjusts the heavy, curved... 2. size the tube, and you need to know the size and balance point of Nothing to install on your computer - you just as a Dobsonian, you can just start at our mount project. Coatings, Why Newtonian it simplicity and effectiveness. We will purchase a diagonal mirror, and we plan to use a reflect that. Video that reviews all existing OTA, so if you have a telescope tube and want to mount it It is also true that if an amateur starts out to build a telescope just for We will strive to produce own an expensive astronomical telescope. works of art , or they can have a In fact, many The Box: ½ inch N-N birch plywood. It was first … common hardware store parts. logical progression below, and that is how we will proceed to built words - today the "average workman" can afford to buy an already club's name - and on these pages we hope to show you that you too need an up-to-date web browser. The scope we show on pages we present one or more ways that have worked for us, but that

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