If she can do it, imagine what you can do with it! The long guide at the center of the presser foot fits perfectly in the seam line to stabilize stitching. Images. The guide blade in the center of the foot helps you sew seams and hems running perfectly parallel to the edge in next to no time. This presser foot is used for stitching seam lines, such as with stitch-in-the-ditch sewing for patchwork quilts or concealed seams on clothes. Snap on foot. Edgestitch foot #10 is a practical help for sewing finished edges even and straight. Then lower the foot and start stitching. Edge Sewing Presser Foot HZL Series. Right-edge Presser Feet for Juki TSC-441, CB4500, Global WF 905 Consew 756R-3, Golden Wheel CS-441: Adler 204-22-211-4 Roller Presser Foot for Adler 204-102MD, Global OS 7706 Global OS 7700 P, Consew 2040-DSM: Adler 105 Roller Foot for Adler 105 and Cowboy CB105 : Press foot #005-00-560-3 Turning a corner? Being unable to see made using one of those machines virtually impossible. The narrow toe on the left side can be used as a guide for small piece work or mini quilts. The center guide on the Singer Edge Stitch Foot assures that your stitching stays perfectly straight. Some tips for using this presser foot: The best way to use this foot is to raise your presser foot, align the raw edge of two fabric layers against the guide at the right side. The Creative Feet Satinedge presser foot, also known as The Magic Foot, was originally invented by Clare Rowley for a blind woman in 1985 so she could sew a satin stitch on the edge of the fabric like a Serger. Click here for presser foot … Superbly suited to applying lace and trims, Edgestitch foot #10 is also ideal for topstitching edges, pleats and hems. Includes instructions. The Singer Edge Stitch Foot is used for stitching in the ditch, edge stitching, as well as joining two edges together.

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