Stadt is feminine. like Stadt. In German nouns might be, as in Spanish, masculine or feminine, but unlike Spanish, also neutral. "Stadt" is female : "eine Stadt"/"die Stadt". Still have questions? 3. I think it is a good idea to repeat the lesson on Indefinite Articles ein, eine and the lesson on Accusative Case „den“ before you do this lesson. Index of Video Lectures, Deutsch 101 & 102 DWDS Wortinformation I hope that helps you! Die ist eine schoene Stadt would be correct. "who is calling"? This is particularly important for you to consider when a German sentence makes a universal statement. Unlike Spanish, German has also an extra coordinate called case (Fall or Kasus). A good general rule for learning German vocabulary is to treat the article of a noun as an integral part of the word. Linguee online dictionary Häufig fallen die Kursbewegungen im Chart mit Nachrichten zusammen: Zum Beispiel dann, wenn ein Unternehmen auf einer Hauptversammlung einen hohen Gewinn verkündet oder aber Verluste einräumen muss. Native English speakers: Is it possible to use "could" meaning the accomplishment of something? (being bitten). You can sign in to vote the answer. Ein Mann beisst einen Hund. Canoo Wörterbücher und Grammatik, Usage Resources Langenscheidt online dictionary All Rights Reserved. Die Chartanalyse. Get your answers by asking now. Der/das/die and Ein-word endings (including endings for the possessive adjectives mein, dein, sein, ihr, unser, euer) like my german friend says it has something to do with singular and plural s and no s. but than theres femine things and male thing!!! Eine is used for female nouns in the nominative case. Dictionary Links "Stadt" is female : "eine Stadt"/"die Stadt". If you repeat both, this lesson will be much easier. So it is up to you to in… kein: die. einen. Dass ist insofern wichtig für uns um eine Erwartungshaltung zu bilden, ob der Markt intressanter ist zu Kaufen oder zu … Hallo Liebe Commuitiy, Lasst uns doch heute mal über den Markt Kanadischer Dollard/Japanischer Yen reden. Click here to do all these exercises in sequence (use the “weiter” button to get from one to the next), or click on the links below to pick out individual ones. nominative : eine Stadt. In English we signal a universal statement by avoiding "the" and/or using plural forms of nouns. Example: Eine Erdbeere ist klein. For the “we” forms, note nominative “wir” sounds like English “we,” and accusative and dative “uns” sounds like English “us.”, For the possessives, note “mein,” “dein” and “sein” rhyme. Einen is used for male nouns in the accusative case. I know lesson No 14 was a little complicated. Einen - accusative case form of the masculine ein. Duden Wörterbuch, General Links When euer has an ending, the stem changes to eur-. Did McCracken make that monolith in Utah? Rund um die Auswertung von Aktiencharts dreht sich in der Finanzwelt eine eigene Art von Wissenschaft. Leipzig Wortschatz Deutsch D: i cant tell which is femine or not!!! you won't be ready to do this order reversal in English with out changing the meaning. You have to learn about German declensions. Anyone know of companies that need translating to Slovak/Czech. The feminine singular “ihr” looks and sounds roughly like its English counterpart “her.”  The 3rd person plural form is also “ihr”; except in the Dative, the “she” pronouns are always the same as the “they” pronouns. Once you know the nominative forms of der/das/die, you essentially know the accusative forms, which are the same except for the masculine accusative, where “der” changes to “den.”, For the Dative, the -m and -r endings are like the endings of English “him” and “her” as in “for him” and “for her.”, For the Genitive, the -s and -r endings are like the endings of English “his” and “her.”, To remember the accusative prepositions, use the acronym “O Fudge” [ohne, für, um, durch, gegen], or ask your instructor about chanting “Durch-für-gegen-ohne-um, Deutsch zu lernen ist nicht dumm.”  For the dative prepositions, sing “Aus-außer-bei-mit, nach-seit, von-zu” to the tune of the “Blue Danube” waltz, or think of the touching love poem “Roses are red, violets are blue, aus-außer-bei-mit, nach-seit, von-zu.”. dative : einer Stadt. online dictionary The ending – em on both ein – words and der – words is unique to dative singular. a guy bites a canines.) ein, eine, einen, and einem in the German Language, all are more or less equivalent to the English indefinite article a/an. Wikipedia – Deutsch This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. As you can see, German definite articles – in all their variety – carry a lot more information than does our one-size-fits-all, English "the." Basic Chart of Forms of der/das/die, ein-words, Pronouns Learn these two charts well, and everything else you do in German will become a lot easier for you! Note the ein-word endings are the same as the der/das/die endings, except in the masculine and neuter nominative and the neuter accusative, where the ein-words have no ending. I think it is a good idea to repeat the lesson on Indefinite Articles ein, eine and the lesson on Accusative Case „den“ before you do this lesson. The e book, the cat and the hat are doing the doing - they are the priority of the sentence (or nominative case.)

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