They are a subset of IT principles. Architectural Principles‎ > ‎ Data Architecture Principles The general data related rules and guidelines, intended to be enduring and seldom amended, that inform and support the way in which an … This document was developed by the NICS Innovation and Technical Design Authority (ITDA) group with the purpose of presenting a set of principles for NICS Enterprise Architecture … These principles can also be used to justify exceptions. Architecture principles are regarded as a specific class of normative principles that direct the design of an enterprise, from the definition of its business to its supporting IT. Architecture Process Generic architecture process based on TOGAF 9 Architecture … Principles can exist at different levels throughout the enterprise. The principles apply to all IT projects and architecture-related work. … Click each Guiding … The practical perspective on architecture principles is concerned with an approach to the formulation of architecture principles… Architecture principles are the rules and guidelines specific to an enterprise's architecture. Enterprises use their architecture principles … Enterprise Architecture Guiding Principles help define the criteria by which technology and services that span or impact the enterprise are managed, acquired, designed and configured. Enterprise Architecture Principles based on the IT Strategy and industry best practice. The Enterprise Architecture Principles document is owned by the Department of Social Services, Enterprise Architecture group and will be reviewed annually by the Architecture Governance Board.

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