While there’s technically nothing wrong with the scope, this is where things could have been done better and a few places where corners were cut to keep the price low. The fine-tuning knob was something I had never used before, and at this point, I could tell that this telescope was made for astrophotography. The metal objective lens cover fits snugly without slipping off. The diffraction-limited optics are appreciated when exploring the lunar terrain or using a high-powered eyepiece to view Saturn’s rings. I have no doubt the ED80 can achieve its advertised resolving limit of 1.45”…. The focuser  also rotates for framing of your image. The 480mm focal length seems to be the “sweet spot” for capturing large, wide-field views of nebulae and large galaxies. The Explore Scientific ED80 Essential Edition is a value oriented member of the 80mm apochromatic refractor class priced only slightly higher than competing doublet refractors. More short exposures or fewer long exposures – Which is better? I must confess that I am not an expert when it comes to comparing the visual performance of telescopes. This is a rather sweet deal! A refractor in the 60-100mm range generally offers an extremely wide field of view, which is great most of the time. True APO optic and are diffraction limited at.25PV or better. Impression of the Takahashi Mewlon 210 for Astro-imaging. Jupiter was a fine sight. Coupled to the right eyepiece or camera the 480mm focal length of this instrument will yield a five degree field of … This scope’s small size and weight make it an ideal “grab and go” scope. The version I purchased included a hard carrying case, illuminated reticle finderscope, and a diagonal. Tolerances for the machining here are very poor. While I highly recommend this scope, I would encourage that if you can afford the extra 300 USD, the 102mm version is a much better buy and the issues I’ve pointed out with this scope aren’t present on the larger model. The ES 80mm F/6 OTA is the same unit as the Meade 5000 and a few others. One thing to note is that if you want to use this scope for photography, a coma corrector / field flattener is a must. The air-spaced triplet optical design virtually eliminates chromatic aberrations and generates beautiful high-contrast images. While there are several small aperture apochromatic telescopes available at comparable prices, they often significantly fall short in one department or another. Review: Explore Scientific “Essential Series” ED80. Keep it locked and well-seated and it’s not a problem. In building a basic kit I’ve added a Pentax J60/80 Alt/Az mount, a Celestron Ultima LX 22mm, a Baader … It’s allowed me to capture some of the best images I’ve ever shot and without a doubt is the finest instrument I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. My Explore Scientific ED80 on a Sky-Watcher HEQ5 GoTo Mount. At the time of writing, I’ve owned this telescope for almost 7 months. The Explore Scientific Essential Series ED80 (model # ES-ED0806-01) delivers the goods with solid construction and great optics. Everything was solid out of the box. When the very first frame appeared on the back of my DSLR display screen, my jaw hit the floor. The Cassini division is clearly visible and some subtle banding is visible on the planet’s disc. Be it with a DSLR or my lunar imager (ZWO ASI120MC-S), it delivers incredible images and reveals subtle detail that only my larger 8 SCT can come close to matching. The faster f/6 optics of this triplet design offer advantages in terms of both physical size and the potential field of view. Explore Scientific ES 80 ED Triplet APO Review Image 1: Explore Scientific is known for refracting telescopes, quality eyepieces, the David H. Levy Comet Hunter, a Maksutov-Newtonian telescope and Twilight I and II alt-azimuth mounts. One very notable exception is for collimation. My early deep sky images using an Explore Scientific ED80 Triplet APO. However, the views I have experienced with the ED80 have noticeably more contrast than my 8″ Orion Newtonian Reflector.

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