We strive to produce the best and most affordable products in fair trade. To learn more about the Fair Trade Federation take a look at their website: www.fairtradefederation.org. But for ease of reference, here is a quick summary: These principles cover a lot of ground, and the WFTO has adjusted its standards so not all of them are mandatory to gain the WFTO label. Fair Anita is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, one of our Ethiopian artisan group partners is in the process of becoming a World Fair Trade Organization member, and Fair Trade International is one of the most recognizable fair trade logos. People also love these ideas A community of U.S. and Canadian businesses fully committed to fair trade. Transparency and Accountability This principle is concerned with how the organization communicates both internally and externally. Fair Trade International touts itself as the world’s largest and most recognizable “fair trade system.” They call themselves a system because it is not just a membership organization, but a body that establishes and upholds standards for fair trade production and provides a certification process through its FLOCERT arm for producers to earn that certification and prove to their vendors and consumers that they are verifiable fair trade, ethical, organizations. Use of the FTF logo comes with additional screening and usage fees, but provides the same credibility and opportunity to spread awareness about fair trade as the Fairtrade Mark from Fair Trade International and the WFTO Mark. The maximum amount an organization would pay is $2500 + .10 for every $1000 in sales after 2 million. https://www.fairtrade.net/producers/certifying-producers.html, https://www.flocert.net/solutions/fairtrade-resources/cost-calculator/, Create Opportunities for Economically and Socially Marginalized Producers, Develop Transparent and Accountable Relationships, Support Safe and Empowering Working Conditions. Ensuring Good Working Conditions The WFTO establishes the minimum for good working conditions and working hours as compliant with local laws and International Labor Standards on Occupational Safety and Health. Respect for the Environment The organization priorities the use of raw materials from sustainable sources and work to reduce their footprint with renewable energy sources and reduced energy consumption. Lborers receive a fair price, a living wage. Management of Fairtrade Premium. Fair Trade International’s certification is designed for producers, like Fair Anita’s artisan partners. The annual WFTO membership fee is gradated in the same way, with the maximum fee being €2,600 ($3,042) for a producer or organization in an exporter country, and €10,400 ($12,172) for an organization in an importer country. Organizations can rely on the connections between each other as well as the visibility afforded to FTF members. Are all Fair Anita partners certified by one of these organizations? The organization must also be primarily focused on trade in North America, having operations and paying taxes in either the U.S. or Canada. TweetPinShareShare0 Shares, “Minga” is a Quechuan word meaning a group of people gathered to accomplish a task that benefits the community as a whole. The package includes information on becoming a Guaranteed Fair Trade Organization. Salaries must be equal or higher than the regional average or than the minimum wage in effect. Applicants must also describe how their operations supports each of the nine principles. Minga FTI works hand in hand with artisans from Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia and Colombia. Fair Payment WFTO outlines fair payment as Fair Prices, Fair Wages, and Local Living Wage. Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender Equity and Women’s Economic Empowerment, and Freedom of Association This WFTO principle requires the organization to not only refrain from discriminating themselves but to have a plan to promote gender equity in the community. We strengthen and support our members in order to grow the global movement of trade that values the health of the planet, and the labor, dignity, and equality of all people. To learn more about Fair Trade International and all their standards, processes, resources, and components, go to their website: www.fairtrade.net. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Fair Trading Practices WFTO defines fair trading practices along social, economic and environmental dimensions, especially how those dimensions impact the marginalized small producers they work with. Fair prices are mutually agreed upon between buyer and seller and are not established by taking care of unequal power dynamics. They define fair trade with ten principles, and then hold organizations accountable for them with the Guarantee System and reward them by allowing them to use the WFTO label. WFTO wants to make sure it’s organizations are dealing in good faith with the producers they work with. Guaranteed Status Only at this point can the organization use the WFTO Product Label, and this begins the four year Monitoring Cycle, which involves an Self Assessment Report and Monitoring or Peer Audit every year. Summarizing fair trade logos and certifications. Your donation helps the people who produce your food, furniture, and clothing protect their families and build better lives, now and beyond the pandemic. Working conditions are equitable for all workers. It tells consumers that the product has met Fair Trade International Standards for fair trade. Forced labor and exploitative child labor is not allowed. The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is a trade association of fair trade enterprises fully committed to equitable and sustainable trading partnerships. Some criteria becomes mandatory in year 2 that wasn’t mandatory to achieve the initial Guaranteed Status, so improvements still must be made. Workers have the right to join an independent union to collectively negotiate their working conditions. On top of that, brands can choose to belong to organisations such as the Fair Trade Federation and the World Fair Trade Organisation. Working conditions. Promoting Fair Trade The organization vocalizes its support for fair trade. This step can involve back and forth between FLOCERT and the organization under audit to rectify any “non-conformities.” While this can be hassle, it also proves that FLOCERT and by extension Fair Trade International, wants organizations to pass through the certification process successfully. The organization is subject to unannounced audits at any time. Is it honest with its stakeholders about how it operates? Fair Trade Federation Members have access to the FTF logo after a rigorous screening process, and a community of similar organizations. Going through the FLOCERT process earns an organization the right to use the Fairtrade Mark on their approved products and inducts the organization into a regional Fairtrade Producer Network.These networks are supported by Fairtrade Standard specialists that advise, train, and provide information to help these organizations comply with and grow under the Fairtrade Standards. Fair trade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, advocates, and organizations putting people and planet first.. We at Fair Trade USA ® believe that everyone wants to do what’s right – for their families, fellow global citizens, and the planet.

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