As for canned fish, look for European tuna or sardines or anchovies; this is an exception to the "buy American" rule. We rely a lot on either local smoked fish such as whitefish or trout, or the smoked salmon that's available everywhere. Japanese cuisine is based on a few staples – rice, noodles and seasonal ingredients. Our assortment of Japanese food helps you stock up on your choice of miso soup broth, organic ramen noodles and antioxidant-rich organic cha soba noodles. Open Daily 8am - 8pm Senior Shopping Hour (Every Tuesday) 8am - 9am Thanksgiving (11/26) Smoked fish and canned fish travel well, and many supermarkets carry excellent options. This has allowed us to gain popularity among our local and Japanese customers since the opening of our first restaurant in 1999. Going to a Japanese supermarket to shop is a fun and tasty opportunity to encounter local life in Japan firsthand. Sushi grade fish is most commonly available at Japanese grocers or other Asian markets. Select from a variety of sauces and spices to mix with your noodles. sakuraya supermarket At Fish Mart Sakuraya, one can enjoy fresh sashimi and sushi that is prepared on the spot using fresh fish air-flown from Japan. 600 5th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104 (206) 624-6248. Land of the Rising Salmon, as survey respondents choose their favourite fish.. Seattle. If you do not have a Japanese supermarket in your area, shopping online is a good option to source high-quality sushi grade fish. Several retailers sell and ship a wide range of sushi-grade fish and other seafood, making it easy to find exactly what you want. Some supermarkets are small, old-fashioned local stores while others are large and modern, directly connected to train stations.

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