Add a rice-paper wedge and fry until puffed all the way through. Add a portion of the mixture onto the bottom side of the rice paper and tuck the edge over the mixture. Themes / Deep fried rice paper rolls recipe (0) Light and Healthy Recipes. 314 homemade recipes for rice paper from the biggest global cooking community! Place 1 tablespoon of mixture diagonally along the centre. Heat the oil over a … Heat about 1/4 inch oil in an 8-inch skillet over medium-high heat. Place a small handful of filling near one edge of the rice paper. Roll the sides of the rice paper onto the covered mixture and continue to wrap the paper, rolling until the rice paper completely covers the mixture. Roll up firmly to enclose filling. Repeat with remaining ingredients. See recipes for Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls (Fresh Spring Rolls) too. Saturday Party recipes and ideas. Dip one sheet of rice paper in warm water, for about 30 seconds until just softened. Mardi Gras Party. Repeat for remaining spring rolls. Light and Healthy Recipes, As January rolls around and thoughts return to your waistline. Dip the rice paper into warm water and let absorb slightly before placing on to a work surface. Quickly rinse the rice paper sheet in water to soften and place on a flat plate or surface. Fold over sides. tuck in the sides and continue to roll to the end of the sheet. We should be able to get some good times rolling, so to. Transfer to a clean tea towel on a flat surface. Fold the paper over the filling.

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