After we published our review we received multiple inquiries about this GE Profile refrigerator. I decided to go with the GE profile from Best Buy due to price and points as well as no charge for delivery. Before you finally settle for the GE refrigerator to buy, we recommend you go through our buying guide and also consider your budget. GE makes its refrigerators in different factories around the USA and overseas. The company replaced the model with GTE16DTNRWW, which is slightly larger at 15.6 Cu. Our hope is that this appliance will serve you and your family well for many years to come. I reviewed many refrigerators and decided to purchase GE. Very pleased with purchase. The model is equipped with an Arctica ice maker that holds as much as 10 lbs. 36-inch 22.2 Cu. The regular GE series refrigerators are your regular refrigerators, equipped with basic refrigerator features, and are affordable. The model uses the counter-depth installation style, which makes it fit perfectly into your kitchen layout and amplifies the general outlook. Therefore, they get hot in the summer months and very cold during the winter time. 247 reviews for GE Appliances, 1.1 stars: 'Purchased a new washer and dryer about $2200 called numerous times to try and figure out why my cloths were not clean. Two years and no issues. But it surely complements a luxurious lifestyle and offers good value for the money. Prices and offers are subject to change. GE refrigerators all have certain unique interior features. The company expects to release its full catalog of 4-door refrigerators under Profile and Cafe brands during the early part of the year. This will push the gear over into the track. I had read reviews prior to purchasing this refrigerator and was a little concern about the noise that other reviewers had mentioned, but the fridge that we received is pretty quiet. I give it a four because everything is plastic so it feels less durable than we're used to. As a plus, the GFD28GSLSS packs extra features that include Wi-Fi connectivity, door alarm, ice dispenser, and electronic temperature display. We’ve done a great deal of GE Profile side by side refrigerator reviews to help you in finding your perfect fridge. For example, you are in New Jersey and the garage temperature has a reading of 37 F. Your refrigerator may shutdown the compressor which then lets the items in the freezer spoil. The refrigerator comes equipped with LED lighting, and the moveable racks make it easy to pack and arrange food items in the refrigerator. Let’s look at how GE refrigerators perform under these headings. It recently replaced the popular predecessor PYE22PSKSS with the fingerprint resistant stainless steel finish. The performance of a refrigerator depends on the ambient temperature. This refrigerator had to replace a similar body style of the old Café series that we had so didn't really have a choice as the old one was built into our cabinet design. Nearly all GE refrigerators come equipped with a water dispenser and ice maker. Only issue is that the handle was scratched when moved. You should expect to get about the same quality of service from GE Appliances as you would get from other popular refrigerator brands. The PYE22PYNFS which replaced the popular PYE22PSKSS dispenses ice cubes and crushed ice, while the PSS28KSHSS makes ice 50% faster than other models. Ensure you read the refrigerator guide and take care proper care of your refrigerator. The Energy Star rated GTE15CTHRWW used to be our top pick of the GE top-freezer refrigerator models. I wish the water filters were less expensive and triggered by the gallons filtered vs. time installed. This review is from GE - Profile Series 22.2 Cu. The PSS28KSHSS comes fitted with multilevel drawers, glass freezer shelves, and adjustable door bins. But some GE side by side refrigerators have better features than some French door refrigerators. Are you ready? These have been covered in detail in our previous blog post on how to choose a good refrigerator. This is exactly why reliability is a top factor you need to consider when buying a refrigerator. The GE Profile refrigerator is awesome. Runs good, cold water and ice. Happy with this purchase. The temperature of the refrigerator portion depends on the item inside, but should always be kept below 40 F (ideally at 37 F). We have only had this refrigerator for a short time but I did a lot of research before purchasing and this is exactly what I wanted. As the president of Designer Appliances, Metin was inspired to start this blog after noticing that most of his customers are overwhelmed by choices. The decision I made was based on review of users and consumer report reviews. The Profile series refrigerators have sleeker designs with curved handles. so far it works ok..only problem is you have to open both doors to get to middle pull out door.. We replaced an older GE, with this new counter depth one and the fridge is great very spacious and great for keeping food organized. love this refrigerator! Yes, there are several GE refrigerators with connectivity features. Ft. French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator - Black Slate. You can save a couple of hundred bucks in energy bills per year with GE refrigerators. Before we reviewed these refrigerator models, we had a hard time deciding which factors will weigh more than the others. Definitely smaller than our old one, but all of these are. The major difference is in the design finishing and style. However we have been pleasantly surprised by how well it works and how quiet it is. Moreover, the layout of your kitchen combined with many configurations available (example: French door, side-by-side, counter-depth, and more) make the decision process complicated. The model makes use of a multi-flow air system for better temperature management. The refrigerator also has angled LED lighting that illuminates the entire freezer and fresh food compartment. GE makes the best freezer in the market for long term food storage. The GE Profile PVD28BYNFS (available at Best Buy for $2,799.99) is a gorgeous, high-end French door fridge with all the extras. In fact, GE Appliances has the edge over other brands because they are designed to provide and store a good quantity of ice. The refrigerator portion is covered by two doors that swing outward from the middle. The company expects to release its full catalog of 4-door refrigerators under Profile and Cafe brands during the early part of the year. Their refrigerators are built to be reliable and provide good value for money. The Profile series PYE22PYNFS easily beats the other models to become our #1 GE refrigerator model. A great buy so far! Ft. French Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator - Slate, GE - Profile Series 22.2 Cu.

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