What would be some giveaway signs? During last sales I bought GTA Collection because my PS2 is broken, then I found out that some songs are missing in Vice City and San Andreas but before ask for refund I'd like to know if Vice City on Steam is censored like PS360/mobile rereleases or not. GTA Vice City ; Are all NTSC versions of Vice City on the Xbox the Haitian friendly version? As noted earlier, the Haitian-Friendly version was introduced into the Double Pack in later production runs. Just bought a copy of Vice City on the PS2 online and can't tell if it's the Haitian friendly version or not. This prompted Rockstar Games to create a new version to remove or alter references about Haitians within the game. Haitian-Friendly (Stand-Alone: bar code #10425 27388, Black disc banner; Double Pack: bar code #10425 21383, Red disc banner): More than a year after the original release of the game, a lot of Haitian-Americans got mad about how they were represented in Vice City. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLupuSFA7BSdNhJPBln3noC8TEDmvmR8Od The third version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, mostly the PC version, had all references of the Haitian people removed, along with a number of other trademarks. Followers 1. The Greatest Hits version of Vice City (PS2) is also Haitian-Friendly. The Haitians are a street gang from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.They are the main rivals of the Cubans/Los Cabrones, and they vie for control of the poorer neighbourhoods of Vice City (Little Haiti and Little Havana).. Auntie Poulet, the leader, gives Tommy Vercetti mind-altering drugs to make him use less-than-honest tactics in their war against the Cubans. Reply to this topic ; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. When looking at the covers for the Stand-Alone discs there are *NO* differences between the Original and Haitian-Friendly (non-Greatest Hits) Versions. The Haitian people target Rockstar Games because of the way the gangs acted towards each other. The Cayo Perico Heist, coming December 15th. Are all NTSC versions of Vice City on the Xbox the Haitian friendly version? By Billy Sastard, December 16, 2019 in GTA Vice City. Sign in to follow this . A Haitian gang member fighting a Cuban in GTA VC.

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