While plane mirrors always produce virtual images, concave mirrors are capable of producing both real and virtual images. Therefore different types of images are formed when the object is placed . Perhaps you noticed that there is a definite relationship between the image characteristics and the location where an object is placed in front of a concave mirror. Between centre of curvature and principal focus 5. Inch Concave glass mirror in a plain black frame" costing £2-5.1 He had acquired a larger concave mirror in a more elaborate frame while living in France in the 1780s, for which this was probably a replacement.2. At the centre of curvature 4. 1. Questions Question 3 Page 168 - Name a mirror that can give an erect and enlarged image of an object View Answer NCERT Question 2 - The image formed by a concave mirror is observed to be virtual, erect and larger than the object. Beyond the centre of curvature 3. At the infinity 2. (a) Between the principal focus and the centre of curvature Where should be the position of the object? Different types of images can be formed by a concave mirror by changing the position of the object from the concave mirror. As shown above, real images are produced when the object is located a distance greater than one focal length from the mirror. Previously in Lesson 3, ray diagrams were constructed in order to determine the general location, size, orientation, and type of image formed by concave mirrors.

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