It adds a beautiful … You can also use beet powder to color homemade cosmetics, such as lip gloss. Beet supplements contain more nitrates than beetroots and beet … Add it to your tomato sauce for great color and extra nutrition. Beetroot, a powerful health food and natural dye, adds a host of value to the diet and beauty arenas.Try these 7 recipes using mess free beetroot powder. How to use beetroot to manage high blood pressure or hypertension? 5 Great Uses For Beet Root Powder. Create your own beet powder by peeling and chopping a fresh beet. An excellent way to ensure you have the right amount of nitrate content is to consume beet supplements like HeartBeet Complete. It has the same nutritional value but is so much easier to use. Use it in smoothies. The beetroot powder provides you with extra energy to see you through the afternoon and the cocoa powder … By using beet powder in place of beet juice to color food, you don't add any excess liquid to your recipe. Mix it in your applesauce. Blot the beet … This is also a great smoothie for an afternoon snack. Beetroot Powder vs Juice. One of the best ways to manage hypertension through beetroots is to juice the veggie. The book 'Healing Foods' … Although the original recipe uses actual beets, we chose to use beetroot powder instead. One teaspoon is equal to one beet.

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