It is our aim at KS3 to ensure the important transition points from KS2 and, later, into KS4, are clear, structured and allow all students to access the subject. Teaching at Key Stage 3 is centred around the National Curriculum whilst being mindful of future demands in the subject. 5 4 customer reviews. In June 2013, the government published a document for schools on ‘Assessing without Levels’, in which it was explained that the old system of Levels at Key Stage 3 would be abolished and not replaced. <>>> S����G�kJ�~�*��K�/Ȑ�nH���[���{�+��0�g�F:��H�pܔ���e�c���D�S�E���5e;�5��x��T�^��VAb�e��7,6�6����8��$T��,�M���wd���2=/E=?�. Author: Created by sarahm691. ���L�pxߕ�(XYu�a����_^�*����(I0-��u�~6��*;Qՠ�%�E-��� Loading... Save for later. Preview . Assessment Objectives The key to success in GCSE English Language exams lies within the KS3 English assessment objectives: arcane manuscripts passed down from exam board to exam board, simultaneously giving and taking with one harsh blow. endobj 2 0 obj The Brook Learning Trust has responded to these changes and has developed a system of Key Stage Three (KS3) assessment that uses subject specific criteria based on the key knowledge and skills that will build towards success at the end of Key Stage Four. These have been designed to make our assessment at Key Stage 3 coherent with how pupils will be assessed at GCSE. endobj KS3 English Curriculum Overview 2020-2021 Core intent of the subject at key stage 3 Reading is the golden thread of the whole curriculum. Info. ��*("M��8��㵊�*�G�`����*�W��F9�����[Nt�~�`�8Px���#k���#y�~/��r��'��*|\ß����F�'��#����H�{��h�������Q�!b�8aJ�-#)ӦO���b�/ŀ,��³3ٵe�9v6��\��d_������V���ds�'d+d=�_���~������w[`��Y��*`�`�h>�ۃ2(&����Јw���[� ���C����Oe��c���3��MHi��⍟-��ϭ(.%�(�a�� Preview. �XHDb'�b��݀H��kI�Dz��-�fl`걢k�zCJ��ܦA�0q�ƀsTt-j^�l����iX��0���n�Pn��Q�-&Vφ/�mC��+s��5�֐��Ȑ&td� ��p�ff5lz�wKY��7�z[U��UU��k�bLͫ�W�mn����y������ߌ���o�1��O���ǻ����{�`K�Xźw� I��"҄��Jר�U1�a&u�,N���PJ�~��)�]�6X.��Y���>x��M��sN�[�,5�V�@����tAK�R���4I���i��SȨd���^=gR�5����+�z��m�9&�P�D52�!�"��cB�=��Dߖ},��@JҶ�O�YJ��?עv@R s�FKk�AV}-�����ৢ�-4®.���Ӆd�jrw ��r6�y�O���pg�Uf2���N��b��#~7�l�A�L���L������T���;"�S��Ě*'�Wq�چ�E$����ʫybC|8b�G�������w�b�Q�L�o*���maV����^ �$�-%��/&q��_ ��؀7��A-t��B 4.8 37 customer reviews. stream %���� Read more. j��y:Ĩ���(�;D`�>;b��S4�5�~iyEa�Ah���f�/��ܭ8:�=���D��XV��y>����e�BM�Ϣ��q;M��~m�PQM2���dQ�AT�c$��F���Zcd8���^Z'��F��+��2�1"�4ȪOcD�#3�v����נxj45���>���ޜ� +\���Of*���I#�QO�Ϻ7���D���S97�˶?�ɋ�z��_!�)���V`S/Cn=TU�kO��� x��]�7��n��C-{{��!�C�Y3�Y�Fc�����d��ݒڇ �u5Y�*�~,R�w�,޾��w���nn�~|W����W����.������+VT�?V�.YW�uWv������������կW�Y�V��n�[]����us�q%���ꯎ>��>������������w�W��j��n����@��jg��fv������W�g���nE�3��_� <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 841.92 595.32] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> The Pearson Key Stage 3 (KS3) assessments are designed for use in Edexcel centres and have been mapped to the requirements of the Pearson Edexcel GCSEs (9–1) in English Language and in English Literature. 3 0 obj I can select and synthesize evidence from different texts. Each subject has a Progress Map which describes the standard of each grade for typically 3-4 assessment objectives. �7Cs�� [::�����]f�\{b�SQ~��SX6��g�h��ˋ�$ղ=b�G&+�w��,k����x ^�f6zӹ�ښKhGP����_��Ӂ �G!��Oo�*|��U�ЖJ��bH6XЯy?��6Z�5�5k��L�kn�K�)�5�����7��.x�/mבֿu;��� M�)E5K�A{.gE'�= �A\�@� UŤ����sӰ�^����}�ٓar�;g�I��q*�}� �O[>GxȇPZ��c�3cp[��6>��x���W�UKK!r�����Vi�a��[�fx~�ZI�G�k�d�A6��i�ftc! Read more. ol'�a:��_rR�� �)&��%�(�:'��W���G��O[�ݬ��y��㾮D����5/�����jf:����l ��ii�y�����ۺU.i�RDڟx/�AxS\N ����M���>:nkp�` �9�g|���E��gk�׉�de�)e)�2�����Ǽ���U�>غnU�b�D�A���X�4��}��im#J��'��=��-�> l׌w���Df; Print out and blow up to A3 - this has all of the new Framework learning objectives linked to the Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Language Assessment Foci most suited for assessing the outcome of that learning. About this resource. This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Our Steps assessment framework: o Builds on the new KS2 National Curriculum ���_�+��_[G=���\l\4#�(|>R�ԚQ��c����79���-Ѷ� Author: Created by thebigonion. Created: Apr 29, 2016 A visual poster that uses AQA objectives then is broken to to explain what they mean (pupil friendly language). Free. /��܌�0��mcS��#ƍM|�=s��†�y)a����պ�DsaoF>a��i��P#��‰�N���]P#ZC�)���$#C�P�� �:Nذ�s��Xˌ-rȴp���F�R�w�����%�԰���n��9C��`�ZD�Ն���a7`�G��0ZRH��� ��%�/ww��;|���i�Gw�|7�a �7I�V�V�?���Q���M�&�K�ehp�w*#p�Lg@���υ�i,�w��(� BOƅ�J���tiP�Ze�#���@;�Dn�c��A��\�id���~� }�����YN�M�L*��xE]��វ�(�Q����F����a�*U[4��� F%/���L�yh�U�����'���z�_+�9��,�u�� 6CR27��� /�l�MԀ���k�@�r�c>82g��Zj���I"㺔����9��i�b�C�����}�0}�x�wȡ���,�?����d��"��,2о�H�7�d��1>Hc�h��c2�RF�� Created: Nov 16, 2009| Updated: Oct 5, 2014. endobj u���ڦ���H.m�m߬�Z�^�21E�v�����q�p�`�ua�R�P�� ����M6��'��H�DzC�����V4V(XP�~�����-m�n�:�3��@�g��0����hj�V���[�_HE�������?���bg��{��� l9������!n���jXƫ��g��rJ���|��^�g�-�y7��s¦?h%�[�-�0Tg�;�=����؅�Ѱ��\������%��R���n��r�D��,ܗOIy#�V��e���(�{���Ӳ�!��p��ͮ��II��j��?͹����b��ཝ�N��Sk2�=C� VpQ��w2��I^�������_�G�� ��0��7��>���j��o9"�&|�%�O����d�cX �Cr���a�>�-���fJ���m��=S�ڛs֪��㉁Mm�1�q�p���)gv�{��6W�8��Yo�JY���nr Pǿ�������=�A��h���k��A��@���!�$^|�4R@��. Romeo & Juliet Extracts and Resources Pack, The Comet by W.E.B Du Bois - (Sci-Fi) - 3 Lessons plus resources. <> An assessment objective is a key strand of learning that is taught and assessed in a subject. new-AO's-poster-ks3. ����G����Û�M�����U�PS�ݻ����ŏ�;nG���>�}�Du#�Q�'�1�#hH�A#��3j��Ax�.�Q�8��b�����G�"'��Aa]�� registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion <> Created: Nov 16, 2009 | Updated: Oct 5, 2014. The Learning Objectives for KS3 English. KS3 English Assessment Objectives Explained English Language Spoken Language English Literature AO1 I can read and understand meaning that is only hinted at. Preview and details Files included (1) docx, 17 KB. [JpoE��� ���)������\W�o�K{Opu]b��,��=��ºz)6h?�,W�k�(mE�Ue6S2� ]j 5����v]��v�֋��r %PDF-1.5 The ability to read and understand has a direct effect upon progress and attainment in all areas of the curriculum, as well as upon children’s self-esteem and motivation to learn. Progress Maps are used in everyday lessons, especially during assessments, to make it clear to pupils the grade they are working at and the next steps they need to take in their lear… �Xɕ�D)���&eDۺ�-���/Ń"vz�gٖ��}T��>ه�����1�"�k���!==3%ЦQ�Kh��@�����w�ٯ�+�j�T-�����֫� Square 1 0 obj zMQV9iEq���obQ ���Eח�r�:�O�ӔCʈ�U�0NO��*cf4��)m �aM09eкw�`e�N{����'r�������R�� ~{�&����p��0!�_�ºO�ow�������|M���j�IGEc˿�K�H%�jQp�������=Z�?Q��ö�)�3���gPwq�5�z��Y���J%Z�oI����i���b�g���,���rO��g�~�|6��a4d���WZ1��wC�ƈ�ڴ��ZI��3�YZ���y��Hk��%��6+4-��ד��A&|�s�L��Yċ���{�P4��2M�K�w��ڥ��r@yA ��E�_A�e"�78��n�/ܐ���p����ҙ��n1G�(�Hw΂�b_���sѯ��ƾfG22���G22ƽ�!ꎗU���ʏe�^��F�>�ϋd�YG@�-��`5Lk Purpose of the assessments 4 0 obj Assessment at KS3: Student Grouping KS3 2019-2020. Assessment Objectives KS3 AQA Language. Conditions. Tes Global Ltd is �7�D�r�]ͻ�3x�o��\6=�� ^4qp0,�H�B��쮽�\�*RQJ(;�0ZH��&\�����c5���/.�6T���{5C���fg{:�� AO7 I can talk in purposeful and imaginative ways to explore ideas and feelings.

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