Comment deleted by user 2 years ago More than 1 child. I got it linked, and when I ask to talk to MyQ it says "You don't have a subscription for this premium service. Just to ask if your garage door is open or closed. Chamberlain, the maker of the MyQ garage door opener and enterprise access products, will this week start charging for select smart home integrations, including IFTTT. The cost is $1.00 a month or $10.00 a year. Never worry again if you left your garage door open.

*Note - close actions are not compatible with the MyQ Garage device.

Enjoy the convenience of on-the-go control and the reassurance of real-time notifications. MyQ Skills “Ok Google, ask myQ if my garage door is open.” “Ok Google, ask myQ if my garage door is closed.” “Ok Google, tell myQ to close my garage door.” Google Home is a premium myQ service. I bought a $17 liftmaster gateway and a $4 contact sensor. level 1. I can use MyQ garage to open and close through google, IFTTT and beyond! Please Subscribe thorough the MyQ app" Does it need paid subscription to LiftMaster MyQ January 15th, 2018, 09:45 PM. ... At subscription cost of $1/month, I bet they loose more goodwill than they earn from the subscription. level 2. They are charging $1 per month or $10/year. You cancel at any time. I just ordered new garage door openers LiftMaster 8355W that have MyQ build-in. Wonder if anyone would be willing to open up a liftmaster or myq to see if there is anything different. Seems silly to me, I'm not going to pay for it. Through an annual subscription to myQ Business Facility, which is included with the DDO8900W for the first year, business owners and managers can take advantage of: Asset Tracking – Tracks the door system components to allow for better maintenance planning and reduced downtime. Then used the MyQ Lite program on these forums. But with one caveat. Do I need to pay annual or monthly fee to LiftMaster to use MyQ. The $100 Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener lets you open and close your garage door from anywhere with an internet connection. Cory Sorice, VP and general […] Connect your MyQ to hundreds of other services.

MyQ from LiftMaster and Chamberlain gives you the power to open and close your garage door from anywhere. However, you'll need a myQ subscription (starting at $3/month or $30/year) to save video recordings. Chamberlain will charge customers $1 per month, or $10 per year, so they can link their garage door openers to their other home automation devices. This was more of an FYI for anyone wanting to grab it while it is free for whatever reason. So no fees paid here.

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