National Center on Intensive Intervention Antecedent Modification—1 Implementing Behavioral Strategies Purpose: This set of behavioral strategies was developed for classroom teachers to use with students who … ANTECEDENT BEHAVIOR INTERVENTIONS PSY 3570: Practicum with Special Populations 2. Antecedent Modification February 2016 . Setting events and antecedent strategies included items that further structured his environment. Eliminate the Antecedent Event. Strategies were also put into place to specifically teach the replacement behavior of using his words instead of acting out behaviorally. Define Antecedent. Answer: In order to understand Antecedent Based Intervention (ABI), it is first important to understand three term contingency.While it sounds complicated, the three term contingency is most easily understood through the ABCs. Module 1 overviews the course structure and outlines the ABC formula for behavior-change programs. These strategies involve reducing the future occurrence of problem behavior by eliminating the antecedent event, modifying the content or by changing how the content is presented. Sometimes an antecedent event can be eliminated. This practice is most often used after a functional behavior assessment (FBA) has been conducted to identify the function of the interfering behavior. Question: What is Antecedent Based Intervention? Autism Q & A: Antecedent Based Intervention. antecedent interventions independent of problem behavior--presence or absence of PB does not affect the strategies of antecedent interventions examples of antecedent interventions Antecedents Antecedents are stimuli, events, or conditions that are present before a behavior occurs Discriminative stimuli (SDs) Motivating operations People Time of day Physical environment Absence of stimuli and Staci Carr, Ph.D. Antecedent (before behavior) Behavior Consequences (after behavior) Frequency o Given direction/task/activity o Asked to wait o New task/activity o Difficult task/activity o Preferred activity interrupted o Activity/Item denied (told no) o Loud, noisy environment o Given assistance/correction o Transition between locations/activities Take some time to point out the key part of the word - "ante." Antecedent Interventions 1. Antecedent is a big word that probably doesn't make sense to learners. What kinds of Antecedent Interventions are available? Antecedent-based interventions (ABI) is an evidence-based practice used to address both interfering and on-task behaviors. It ensured he was prepared for transitions, knew what was coming next, and understood what he was expected to do. Once students recognize that "ante" means "before," they'll start to recognize that an antecedent is the noun that comes before the … Video created by Yale University for the course "Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing". by Alicia Hart, B.A.

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