Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Dumbbell Press, Curl, Reverse Curl, Tricep Extension, Weighted Chin-Up, Push-Up And Dip! Steve Reeves Measurements: Measurements - especially arm measurements - are also frequently exaggerated. Calves: 18.5 inches 5. If you haven't left a comment here before, you may need to be approved by the site owner before your comment will appear. Fat Burning Secret By the Monday after a Saturday contest, my weight is usually back up to 180-184 or so. I guess it's time for me to go out and buy more posters of the ideal physique that I'm aiming for. 6’2” 220lbs Chest 54 inches Very interesting post, Tom. I have a request. www.AskTheFitBastard.com. Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. His measurements (18.5-inch arms, calves and neck) were regarded as a benchmark for symmetry and proportion, and his philosophy was to keep the body balanced through the adherence to a couple of methods. idealbicep = ""; The problem with bodyfat measurement is that its very sensative to the tester and the time of day, hydration, ect. The only silver lining for most of these people is their measurements, especially the abdominal area and around the glutes. Bodybuilders cannot use normal height-to-weight ratio charts because they are designed for people with less muscle mass. { That was a long time ago. His main philosophy proposed keeping your body weight within acceptable limits to prevent distorting your natural symmetry. var wrist = parseFloat(document.ideal.bodymass2.value); Get("ihip").innerHTML = idealhip + idealm; my measurements Discover ways to assess your genetic potential and plan for future development through measurement of individual body parts. for( var x = 0; oFrame && oFrame.frames && x < oFrame.frames.length; x++ ) { var idealwaist = Math.round(idealchest * .7); Get("ithigh").innerHTML = idealchest; please write a book about building muscle just as you've done with fat loss bffm book. Get("icalve").innerHTML = idealcalve + idealm; ankle: 9" Your thighs look pretty massive there. We almost always see these numbers come down, and we let the client know they are indeed on the right track. Many feel his body represents what a bodybuilding physique should look like - flawless and beautiful. 3. 6’5” 250lbs. For the record, Steve Reeves measurement were: Aside from his waist measuring six inches less than twice the circumference of his neck, he almost reached his own ideal of the perfect physique. of Bodybuilders © 2020 Bodybuilding.com. Circumference measurements give you feedback about how well your training (and nutrition) regimen are working and let’s you catch yourself if certain body parts are lagging behind others, or in the case of waist and hips, if you’re gaining body fat. I do miss your more frequent posting, but realise you are a very busy man. Also, it seems like certain ratios (for example, chest to waist ratio, and maybe there are others? That is crazy that your body fat fluctuates so much. var idealchest = Math.round(ideal2 * 6.5); ), would be helpful also. 6’3” 230lbs Some of these guidelines for “ideal proportions” are the “Grecian” or “classical” ideals while others are ideals for bodybuilders. Arm size= 252% of wrist size You have a physique that (in my opinion) is ideal and your photos are a real inspiration to me. for( var x = 0; x < oDoc.anchors.length; x++ ) { if( oDoc.anchors[x].name == oName ) { return oDoc.anchors[x]; } } Get("ithigh").innerHTML = idealthigh + idealm; var theOb = Get( oName, null, oDoc.layers[x].document ); if( theOb ) { return theOb; } } var idealthigh = Math.round(idealchest * .53); Get("ibicep").innerHTML = idealbicep + idealm; For my clients this means they may even "show" a higher bodyfat after six weeks of training. The Amazing knee: 14 1/2 Is Bodybuilding a Dysfunctional Vanity Sport? First, however, we need to determine exactly what comprises nice aesthetics. I would imagine they’re bit larger now, but who knows. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. Believe it or not, there are actually many formulas for determining the “ideal body proportions.” On the other hand, you might want to take them with a grain of salt…. Abdominal fat and a large waist measurement is also a health risk. All of this is copyright of BodybuildingSecrets.comPlease don't steal it. var idealneck = Math.round(idealchest * .37); The waist measurement is an important one, because when your waist circumference is going down, you know your overall body fat is going down. Below 5’11 and 190 pounds, weight should decline by five pounds for every inch. This was before pro bodybuilding during the strong man era, and based on “ideal male Grecian proportions”. document.ideal.bodymass2.value = ""; i'm 5'11" 205 about 9-10%bf The first step is to determine exactly where they are at before planning for success accordingly. don't have a great understanding of diet either. How do you regulate your body fat so much? Thanks for the great article Tom. Neck: 18.5 inches for( var x = 0; document.layers && x < oDoc.layers.length; x++ ) { Incidentally, McRobert’s book Brawn has an entire chapter called “expectations” which discusses the truth about measurement claims. Thank you. Not really your fault though, because the Sandow Museum page itself does imply that the calculator is based on Liederman's book. 6’0” 200lbs The only opinion that matters in the end is your own. 5’11” 190lbs The measurements I have of myself are: chest, waist, hips, biceps, forearms, thighs, calves. Waist 30 inches. Also, when your waist shrinks even a little bit, it tends to completely change the way you look – even if you don’t gain any muscle, a narrow waist creates an illusion of broader shoulders. great info !!! Get("ichest").innerHTML = idealchest + idealm; 53% of the chest gives the thigh girth The mirror and pictures track my progress. var idealbicep = Math.round(idealchest * .36); if (measurement2==2) { In the 19th century, newly excavated Greek and Roman statues highlighted similar physical characteristics such as a small, muscular waist, wide shoulders and detailed, but not overwhelmingly huge, muscles. Get("ichest").innerHTML = idealchest; In bodybuilding, physiques that are classed as visually stunning are generally those regarded as being symmetrical and proportional - a state where there is an obvious balance between both sides of the body, where nothing looks out of place and everything seems to flow and taper into a harmonious whole (often referred to as the total package). Nice article, I want to emphasize the part about waist measurements being important. 4. return null; I do, however think it’s a great way to chart progress. } I am not a body builder, just a muscle builder to be healthy. Steve Cook’s the exception, with his biceps able to bulge out from even the loosest of t-shirts. Please enter the letter "r" in the field below: Subscribe to Tom's FREE Bodybuilding Secrets E-zine, How To } else { I am able to move up in weight gradually with my workouts, so I know I am building muscle, but I never have a measurement to shoot for – e.g. Are we in proportion? Natural For Life Champion Hugo Rivera forearm: 14 1/2 Copyright 2008 by Tom Venuto and Bodybuilding Secrets.Com. I find all these measurement ideals very interesting but personally I take them with a grain of salt. However, I did find one error ...the link to the Grecian Ideal Calculator at the Sandow Museum is actually based on John McCallum's formulae, not Earl Liederman’s. As well as insisting on having an equal biceps, neck and calf measurement, Reeves also felt that the thigh measurement should be exactly half that of the chest circumference, and the waist should be twice that of the neck. If your height is at an odd-numbered inch, just select the measurements that would be halfway between the lower and upper figures. The main reason I monitor my weight closely is because in the off season, I’m always interested in gaining more lean body mass and prior to competition I have to make a weight class (middleweight has a 176 1/4 lbs cutoff. The forearms get 29% of the chest measurement. measurement2 = document.ideal.measurement2.options[measurement2].value; Take 70% of the chest girth for the waist Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast Episode #2: Carlos DeJesus, Bodybuilding Secrets Podcast #1 Pete Siegel, Interview With Natural Bodybuilding Legend Skip LaCour, Pt.2, Tom Venuto Interviews Natural Bodybuilding Legend Skip Lacour, Mega-Muscle Interview with Hugo Rivera Pt 3, Mega-Muscle Interview with Hugo Rivera Pt 2. Then multiply this measurement by 2.52 to get your proposed arm size. The neck size is 37% of the chest arms:18 1/2 6’4” 240lbs I’ve always gone after a certain “look” as opposed to a certain measurement. Take the height of 5’8” (68 inches). Off season, I weigh about 195-200 lbs. The best method, by far, to accurate determine where our individual body parts fall in terms of over symmetry and proportion is the tape measure.

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