Violent agreement that a tilt sensor (dedicated, or ST multi that can be set to be one) is the way to go. But once I saw all the wonderful things that the Automated Garage Door Opener app could do, I’m a big fan now! Connect Smartthings … I also have a piston that lets me know if the door has been left open more than 10 minutes while someone is home. Hook a 12 volt transformer to it and wire a relay to the transformer. link to Firestick Remote Volume Not Working, First, if you haven’t already done so install the Smartthings app, Open the. By integrating your Nexx door to Smartthings you will be able to easily automate your Nexx garage door opener, this will allow your garage door to open when you are on your way to work and close when you leave without having to touch a button. GoControl Linear Z wave opener should work, but the reviews on Amazon look a little iffy. The ability to integrate it with services such as Smartthings allows you to enhance the experience by connecting your garage door and smart camera to work simultaneously. Now that I’ve been enlightened, it’s on my ST hub and I’m using the Automated Garage Door Opener code and it’s working wonderfully for me! There are plenty of people using the MyQ Lite SmartApp who have a Chamberlain MyQ Garage door opener. So my question is what belt drive garage door opener is the best if I want to use it with smart things? Able to activate my garage from anywhere via the app. There are a number of handy applets on the IFTTT Web site, including “Open my garage when I press a button.” I’ve used the GoControl unit with no issues for about a year. But apart of that is integration, integrating your smart devices with other services and the Nexx garage door opener does just that & does it with no subscription fees or monthly costs whatsoever. Really appreciate your help…. The actual openers are different, my wife’s is newer than the one on my side. You can also just put a camera in the garage like I did so you can make sure the door is closed or not. I specifically posted from that part of the thread because he/she has a Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener and you can take recommendations from that person or any other that has that same setup. It is difficult to compare the specs of these items bc the information isn’t on my door companies’ web sites. I have an “older” Chamberlain garage door opener that I bought about 8 years ago for my detached shop and I’ve been using GoControl with it for the past 2 years with no issues. My number one priority was a reliable unit that allowed me to check if my garage door was open or closed, and control it remotely when away from the house. You will now be able to see your device on the Home screen on your Smartthings app. When you use the Nexx App, for example, it connects to the Nexx Cloud, and that’s how you see the status of your Garage Door and can issue commands to it. The ST Multisensor allows this. Get the additional sensor and then install the Sensor version. You can ask specific questions to that one person in the thread that I gave you the link to. I feel like I should probably go with one of the two options that have wifi integrated, but I have no idea how to compare the features of the Linear and Liftmaster systems. Back in the “Dark Ages” (before I saw the light and switched to ST), it worked adequately with my Iris system and I could control it via Alexa and IFTTT. Here is the official thread for MyQ Lite. I’d also like to be able to check whether the door is closed when we’re out of town bc we’ve twice left it open by accident. All functions are working well through SmartThings App . Yes - MyQ is integrated with SmartThings via the MyQ Lite SmartApp. So there you have it, connecting your Nexx smart garage door opener to Smartthings can allow you to automate various tasks and allow you to use your garage door opener in different ways than you have thought possible. There are two SmartApps in GitHub for this. An open/close door sensor on the garage will send a signal to ST and you would know if the door is open or closed. They are set to release smartthings integration sometime in 2018. Once I sat down and really thought about it, I decided that although I desire smartthings, it wasn’t as much of a priority as I had originally thought. Nexx (and various other IP/WiFi device types are using the new “C2C Schema API” (Cloud-to-Cloud) interface for SmartThings.

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