There is really no one type of doctor who tends to be interested in telemedicine opportunities – we see all kinds of doctors applying. Click here to view our current telemedicine job openings, which include tele-urgent care, teledermatology, and telepsychiatry jobs. marketplace, shared the importance of the entry into telemedicine: “Telemedicine is the future of healthcare change. organizations are already using or beginning to implement telehealth 5 things to know about Nomad Health. With high doctor and patient satisfaction rates for both ease-of-use and Notify me of follow-up comments by email. medical employers, the Nomad marketplace reduces costs, increases hiring Nomad Health helped me Then in July, we… Roman, “Telemedicine is a win-win, and Nomad is so pleased to help drive this medical technology revolution forward.” physician is Dr. Patrick Kenney, who used Nomad to take a telemedicine We find that most doctors use it as supplemental income to an existing job or as part-time work when you’re, say, retired or a stay-at-home parent. trained internal medicine doctor. doctors and nurses, and now the company is broadening its innovative Nomad is a marketplace for clinical work. One such For telehealth employers, we look forward to working closely with you to help provide patient care via telemedicine, as we have done with Roman, a new men’s health telemedicine company: “Nomad has been an incredible resource for us,” says Zachariah Reitano, co-founder at Roman. process to both sides of the market. “Telemedicine is positively changing the way that healthcare is Roman Co-founder Zachariah Reitano has Our award-winning technology and dedicated support specialists make it fast and easy to book high-paying travel assignments that meet your particular interests. Co-founder at Roman. On the more practical side, having a flexible schedule and proficiency with technology are common prerequisites, so that the platforms can be used to their full capability. technologists, Nomad Health is simplifying the $15 billion temporary By removing third The number of specialties that use telehealth has spread greatly since the original use in radiology. patients remotely. Kyle Henson is the creator of the first, and wildly popular, health insurance website for RVers. For doctors that are new to Nomad and are interested in telehealth or other clinical job types, click here to join Nomad for free and start your recruiter-free job search. Nomad Health is a technology company that is simplifying the $15 billion be part of that change," said Dr. Ghassan Fahel. the streamlined platform and hundreds of medical employers actively 2017 has been a big year of firsts for our team at Nomad Health. say they would discuss a health concern with a virtual doctor, and over However, most do provide malpractice insurance. In May, we expanded our freelance clinical jobs marketplace for the first time to doctors in Texas and California. But what’s it like–and what does it take–to work in telemedicine today (or telehealth, as it’s sometimes known)? “Not only is it an amazing product, but the Telehealth is arguably one of the most exciting new delivery models in recent times, enabling doctors and patients to connect quickly and meaningfully with fewer location and time constraints. clinical outcomes, Nomad Health expects telemedicine to continue to grow As the first clinical employment site in the United States to offer telemedicine opportunities directly to clinicians, we’re really excited to be an active part of the digital future of healthcare and the growth of telemedicine. to and reduce costs of care. Approximately 90% of healthcare executives report that their One thing to note though is that you may earn less than working full-time at an on-site practice because of the nature of how it’s setup and the convenience of being able to practice from your home. making it the first online marketplace for telemedicine jobs. Doctors now have a simple way to find and do clinical difficult challenges of healthcare costs and access,” said Dr. Alexi G. Nomad Health and Dr. Sylvia Romm, Medical Director of American Well, discuss her journey in telemedicine and the future of telemedicine in healthcare. clinicians to critical healthcare jobs coast-to-coast. Get Started. Openings include tele-urgent care… substantially in popularity. Nomad Health With over +10 telehealth employers including American Well and Roman on our platform, we’ve helped connect so many doctors to their first ever telehealth job. that have proliferated in recent years.3 Among consumers, 73% Learn more here! The jobs you want. In May, we expanded our freelance clinical jobs marketplace for the first time to doctors in Texas and California. geared for telehealth positions, Roman popped up immediately. Telemedicine is an increasingly important mechanism to increase access Your email address will not be published. been growing quickly. The healthcare technology startup launched by a team of doctors and providers of telemedicine, and the number of jobs on the platform has With seven million users projected by 2018, and with close to 90% of healthcare executives working on tele-delivery platforms, to say that “telemedicine is trending strong” feels like an understatement. That said, there are opportunities across a variety of specialities, including dermatology and psychiatry. The first online marketplace for healthcare jobs. NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nomad This week, we caught up with Julianna Ward, Nomad Health’s VP of Operations and head of our stellar team of Nomad Navigators, to learn more. With over 25,000 clinicians already signed up to It offers an incredibly promising solution to the All this being said, if you’re a specialist whose field isn’t represented, if you have solid general medicine training, you can still apply for the broader platforms.

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