If you’re looking to take the next step of upgrading your vehicle’s appearance, look no further than ORAFOL’s brand ORACAL ® Series 975 Premium Textured Cast Film. Oracal 641 Economy Cal gekalandreerde PVC film heeft een permanente belijming Geschikt voor vlakke toepassingen belettering en decoratie De Oracal 641-serie is een matte monomeer vinyl die gebruikt wordt voor korte-en middenlange termijn toepassingen binnen en buiten De Oracal 641 is binnen I … Adhesive ... ORAFOL Combined Plastic/Felt. fdc vs oracal. Bestel de Oracal 551 High Performance Cal serie 1260mm nautasign.com Voor 17:00 besteld, morgen in huis! suzy1479 13 suzy1479 13 Advanced Member; Members; 13 62 posts; Posted March 16, 2014. i have a 24 inch cutter and a 12 inch cameo silhouette. Maker of world renowned films like Oracal 631, 641 and 651 vinyls, Oralux Luminescent films and premium quality wrap films. ORAFOL is a brand with over 200 years in the sign and craft industry. Matt Surfaces Kit. FELLERS offers a wide variety of products, including ORAFOL ORAJET 3640/3641 3 Mil 4yr. Oracal ® 975. ORAFOL Cleaning & Care Kits. Oracal’s two most popular vinyl are often confused but they’re used for completely different applications. I am constantly cutting my oracal 651 24 inch vinyl to fit the cameo. ORACAL 970RA Special Effect ‣ 110µ Multi-layered Special Effect Cast PVC film ‣ Clear, Solvent, Repositionable, Perm. Daarom NautaSign! Pre-Wrap Surface Cleaner. If you confuse them, it’s likely that a well-planned project could soon turn into a disaster. ORAFOL Gold. Premium wrapping film with over 100 color options designed to give your vehicle a one of a kind look. No matter what you drive, this film will give your vehicle the attention it deserves. Click here to learn more and shop! ORACAL ® 970RA. This unique film features a raised texture and is available in several different styles such as Carbon Fiber, Honeycomb and Crocodile just to name a few. By suzy1479, March 16, 2014 in Vinyl. Glossy Surfaces Kit. Oracal 751 is one of my favorite types of vinyl to use, and it’s a shame that it doesn’t get more publicity than it does. That’s why I wrote this article, so that you could have a complete comparison of Oracal’s best: 651 vs … ORAFOL Grey. I’ve reviewed a lot of vinyl previously but this is my first review of Oracal 751 and we’ll look at Oracal 751 vs 651. Recommended Posts. ORAFOL Felt.

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