As from the survey the odour scent is the combination of the volatile organic component such as the composition of aldehyde, hydrocarbons, ketones etc. In-House technical programmes are conducted in the following areas: In addition,following Programmes are offered. A multitude of digital images preserve important data and so providing authentication to these images is often a challenging task. Co-ordinator Name : Prof.Dr.S.Malathi, Student Name : Sowmiya. This research proposes a beacon-enabled least-time and energy-efficient routing protocol with single-level data-aggregation using an IEEE 802.15.4. Big Data must be prepared and analysed to deliver potential ideas and extreme information must be comprehended from this sea of information. But Wi-Fi and Bluetooth appear to be an unreliable medium of communication between the parent and child. A famous system Hadoop is utilized as of now to process such huge information. Software Testing is a formal process of checking whether a system or a product complies with the consumers need and requirement. * C & C++ Programme Mobile nodes in military environments such as battle fields may have intermittent network connectivity and frequent partitions. Panimalar Engineering College [PEC], ChennaiList of placements companies average salary package statistics of Panimalar Engineering College, Chennai In India road accidents has become common and the reasons are due to poor driving and badly maintained roads and vehicles. Following Internationally Approved Certification courses are conducted: Partial List for the Academic Year 2015-16. The main highlight of the college is it’s impressive placement record which show excellent student quality in both technical and personality aspects. In the research market, cloud simulators are widely used by research scholars without paying fees to any cloud service provider. A 6*6 square metallic patch antenna was designed in back for simple frequency selecting purpose. * Dot NET Programme Labs to conduct online tests and class rooms to conduct other tests. Immediately after an accident or an emergency, the system either starts automatically or may be triggered manually. Hence,the secret fragment mosaic image creation technique is aimed to design a novel method that can, not only transform a secret image into a secret fragment-visible mosaic image of the same size, but also has the visual appearance of any freely selected target image, without the need of an actual database nor any compression techniques. It has advantage over the manual method in offering quick response time and accurate detection of an emergency. If authenticated then access is given through the webpage and the indication system is used to convey for the user. Cloud Computing has provided Big Data with a way to store and retrieve massive amount of information. The fundamental point of the planned agenda is to grow the electronic travel help for the visually impair and outwardly hindered people by developing into the ultrasonic innovation. The applicability of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in various fields such as medical research and civilian applications is proliferating enormously. A speaker dependent system is a system which can recognize speech from one particular speaker. We intend a novel monitoring problem, Efficient Notification of Meeting Points (ENMP) for multiple moving users: given a group of moving users U, a set of points of interest (POI) P, ENMP continuously information the optimal meeting point po∈ P to users in U such that their maximum distance toward pois minimized. It is mainly done by a dedicated testing team using different tools and techniques and the main intention is to identify deviations in the software product and to ensure quality. Image categorization requires the algorithm to be learned in order to obtain the efficient categorization. Personality development. Awareness about “career mapping” among the students. Generally, sampling negatives is done at random. However, repeating attacks as virus and worm assaults and the achievement of criminal assailants delineate the shortcoming in current data advances and the need to give increased security in the network. Domain : Robotics Once this system is established for a particular user this will completely become fully automated doesn’t need any other additional people for monitoring and alerting purpose. The secondary measure implemented was using a bright Light and distress alarm buzzer present on the wearable device which when activated by the parents via SMS text should display the light signal brightly and sound an alarm which a bystander can easily spot as a sign of distress. Effective test case sequencing or prioritizing the test cases based on criticality and risks is a key task of a tester. So we are using Cipher textpolicy attribute-based encryption to solve access control issues.However, the problem of applying CP-ABE in fragmented DTN introduces several security and privacy challenges with various fields such as attribute revocation, key escrow, and categorizing of attributes issued from different authorities. Therefore this system is proposed, to take media streaming to every user who uses smartphones. The basic theory and design are analyzed, and simulated using Advanced Design System Software ADS. *Aptitude Test Using soil moisture sensor and water level indicator in which a threshold value is thrown into and the irrigation area is monitored continuously. A frequency-reconfigurable antenna designed using metasurface (MS) to operate at around 5 GHz is studied and proposed. 3D deformable modeling is applied for three dimensional view of the pleural effusion. Pleural effusion detection helps in the diagnosis of diseases. Testing stage involves usage of acoustic models to recognize isolated words using a classification algorithm (Online analysis). It can be implemented on a range of mobile applications and devices, enriching the user’s convenience since security is an important factor to be considered in today’s world. The iterative aspect of machine learning is important because as models are exposed to new data, they are able to independently adapt. Internet of things (IoT) has become a major technology in this modern life. That means whether the heart function is normal or abnormal (Tachycardia, Bradycardia). The emotional ascent of unstructured information like photographs, recordings and online networking has introduced another type of non-social databases and which are named as “Big Data”. It plays a major role in shaping up the career goals of students. Which give the high profile identification of the potential, user independent security system with biometric scent authentication. This review is differentiated based on the methods processed in segmentation. The special shaped patch antenna is used to attain ISM bands. About 80% of the water is saved using this smart advanced irrigation system. Data mining is the extraction of present information from high volume of data sets, it’s a modern technology. Password authentication, often used for providing secured service, tend to face problems such as entering the incorrect password while logging in or while encountering an unauthorized access. The antenna is simulated using EM simulator). Most of the security systems are used to distinguish between the people and its persistence.

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