Common name: Australian Barramundi Scientific name: Lates calcarifer Family: Latidae Origin: Indonesian-West Pacific region from the Persian Gulf through Southeast Asia and Northern Australia. MainStream Aquaculture is the largest supplier of Barramundi fingerlings in the world and proudly distributes high quality fingerlings to Barramundi producers in 25 countries across 5 continents. We only get 1 out of a million fish, so if you're looking to add something extremely fancy to your aquarium then definitely don't miss this opportunity. Platinum Barramundi [dmnbscgflgu] I have 3 Platinum Barramundi for sale. (02) 4296 9222 or (for international callers outside of Australia use (+61 2 42 969 222). Save Thousands on a huge range of new and quality used cars in Darwin NT. High in protein and low fat, it has half the calories of salmon. We’ve expanded our market leading Berkley Net assortment to include a net designed for netting tricky fish from the ‘Yak. Ocean Storm® Fishing Tackle 3/144 … Buy Australis Barramundi, 24 oz. We have a special ultra rare platinum gold (not the ordinary looking albino) barramundi for sale. Commissioned in 2007, Mainstream Hatcheries have had an … Berkley Kayak Net 50cm Handle Kayak anglers were screaming for a realistic size net that meets the demands of Australian species. from BJ's Wholesale club. They all are in good health and are around 2 lbs e Challis, Idaho » Piranhas Description: Barramundi are magnificent fish mixing elegance with blinding speed. Get it from club today. Farming barramundi seed for sale - Duration: 1:15. Feeding Monster 600 Gallon : Golden + Platinum Barramundi + armatus : HD Quality - Duration: 9:51. Search for Used cars in Darwin, Winnellie, Stuart Part and Nothern Territory - learn more. If you were looking for a reason to go fishing up at Lake Monduran, here's a $15,000 one. It's currently around 400g and in perfect condition. Prayoga Benzena 1,357 views. FORGET a golden ticket, try your chances at a golden barramundi.

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