This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Well prepared soil (with high amounts of organic matter) helps to maintain a moisture balance whilst also allowing for a porous structure so that excess water drains away and prevents root rot, to prevent the plant from wilting. Wilting leaves are also a sign of stress because of root rot, which is caused by slow draining soils or pots without drainage holes in the base, causing the soil to be boggy. Water the azalea more frequently (as many times per week as it takes to keep the soil moist), Apply a layer of mulch on the surface of the soil around the azalea to retain moisture, Slow draining soils such as clay or compacted soil (azaleas require soil rich in organic matter), Azaleas in pots and containers that do not have drainage holes in the base. Always water azaleas with a generous soak as this encourages the roots to establish. Some sun on your azalea will promote flowering however too much will harm the plant and most likely lead to wilting foliage and flowers. The key is to find the balance of sun and shade for your climate, with azaleas in hotter climates with more intense sunshine requiring more hours per day of protection and shade per day whereas azaleas in cool, temperate climates with plenty of overcast days tolerating much more sun. The best materials for mulch are compost, leaf mould and well rotted manure as each of these materials have an incredible capacity for holding water. Don’t let the pot sit in a saucer of drained water. It is always better to water you azalea with rain water as rain tends to be more acidic and will promote the acidic conditions in which azaleas thrive. Ironically these symptoms particularly, wilted leaves may superficially appear similar to a plant suffering from drought. Signs of stress include yellow leaves, stunted growth and fewer flowers. Consider that azaleas require the soil to be moist so more sunlight increase soil evaporation and transpiration from the azaleas leaves so you will need to increase the frequency of watering to prevent drought. The key to healthy azaleas is to find the optimal balance between light and shade in your climate. Growth can become stunted or the plant may produce fewer blooms due to a lack of fertility in the soil. Re pot azaleas either every four years or when they become pot bound to ensure a healthy plant. The other option is to transplant the azalea to a more suitable shadier spot in your garden. Azalea leaves and flowers tend to wilt for three reasons: Increasing watering, applying mulch and increasing the amount of shade (azaleas prefer partial shade) will help prevent azaleas from wilting for reasons 1 and 2. Azaleas require their potting soil to be moist yet well draining, so that excess water can escape out the drainage holes in the base of the pot. To learn more best practices and how to tell when you azalea requires watering, read my article on how much and how often to water azaleas. Azaleas are ericaceous plants, which means they thrive in acidic soil... Azalea Plant Care in Pots: Location. Decorative pots or drip trays will also stop excess water from escaping. The solution to prevent azaleas from wilting due to drought is to prepare the soil properly before hand with organic material such as compost, leaf mould or well rotted manure. Lack of Fertility in Potting Soil. Azaleas require acidic soil conditions (pH 4-6) so that the roots can absorb nutrients. Azaleas that suffer from drought will have a wilted appearance, flowers and leaves that curl up and potentially turn brown. Azaleas that are planted in soil that is not within the optimal range of acidity can be saved if they are re-potted into soil that is more suitable, although the azalea may take a season or so to recover. I recommend watching this YouTube video on how to improve clay soils for a visual guide to the solution: If you do have clay soils, consider transferring your azalea to raised beds or pots as you can control the soil structure to make it more subtitle for growing plants such as azaleas, roses camellias etc. Water the potted azalea thoroughly when the surface of the soil feels dry to the touch. Small pots dry out much quicker which results in a wilting and dying rose.... A dying bougainvillea is often due to over watering, slow draining soils and cold temperatures. Read my guide for more information on the optimal soil mix for indoor and outdoor potted azaleas. Ideally locate the azalea out the way of significant sources of heat or air currents and make sure that you water the azalea as frequently as is required so that the soil is moist (but not water logged). Over-watering creates too much moisture around its roots which causes leaf drop and root rot resulting... Hey I'm Mark. To ensure that your soil is at the right pH for azaleas I would recommend planting with ericaceous (acidic) potting soil which is available online and in garden stores. Best of all they are available for a great price on amazon. At the hottest times of year I recommend watering the azalea at least twice per week. Azaleas, especially recently planted or young plants, require a consistently damp to moist but well-drained soil in order to establish a root system. You may need to increase the frequency of watering to prevent drought if you live in an arid climate such as California. The symptoms of root rot are a wilted appearance and perhaps brown patches on the leaves. Water azaleas with a generous soak so that there is a trickle emerging from the base of the pot. Azalea leaves and flowers may wilt because of drought, too much sun or as a result of root rot. If the azalea is wilting but the leaves are not burning in the sun and you don’t want to move the azalea then I recommend the following action: Mulch will cool the roots, improve the soil structure, add nutrients, prevent water from running off the surface of the soil and hold moisture for much longer. Yellow/brown leaves with a wilting appearance are signs of stress due to over watering or soil that is saturated rather then moist. Another big risk factor for wilting azaleas is planting them in too much sunlight. If you suspect you azalea is suffering with a lack of nutrients, wait till the spring to add the fertilizer. Shade reduces soil evaporation so the soil remains moist and therefore there is a reduced risk of drought. Over-watering creates too much moisture around its roots which causes leaf drop and root rot resulting... Hey I'm Mark. Finding shade for potted azaleas is much easier but for azaleas planted in the ground, some companion plants that cast shade on the azalea may a good solution. Always choose a pot for you azaleas that has drainage holes in the base, otherwise the soil becomes saturated, which will result in the disease root rot (Phytophthora). It is essential that you ensure you potting soil is acidic before planting for the plant to be healthy and to bloom in the Spring. In potted azaleas, often the problem is a lack of drainage holes in the base of pots and containers. Indoor plants with fewer flower should be moved to a sunny window that allows for some direct sun for about 4 hours per day. If fertilizer is added in the summer then it may stimulate the growth of foliage at the expense of flowers. Potted azaleas are more likely to suffer from a lack of nutrients in the … If left for a long time, root rot will cause an azalea to die. Read my article for how to prepare garden soil for planting azaleas for all you need to know. Never let this plant wilt, and don’t let it dry out to the point that the pot … Beware of forced air or radiators heating up indoor azaleas and intense sun on outdoor azaleas will heat up the pots quickly and increase soil evaporation as these are common causes of drought. The easiest way to ascertain the soils pH is with a soil gauge which is accurately measures the soils pH and can be used for both potting and garden soil so that you can plant with confidence.

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