We begin with the main reasons for the close relationship between religion and morality. In pursuit of the "true" relationship: A longitudinal study of the effects of religiosity on delinquency and substance abuse. This may appear to be a selfish and disrespectful belief to hold, but it is one that satisfies our evolved desire for superiority over the species that compete with us for survival. Personality And Religion: The Relationship Between Religion And Morality 1474 Words | 6 Pages. For example, The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Ethics says that, For many religious people, morality and religion are the same or inseparable; for them either morality is part of religion or their religion is their morality. According to Stephen Gaukroger: "It was generally assumed in the 17th century that religion provided the unique basis for morality, and that without religion, there could be no morality. [46] Blackburn notes morally suspect themes[which?] The fact that our morality surpasses that of other species makes it easier to assume it has supernatural origins. This enhances our moral rectitude, giving religious groups an advantage over non-religious rivals. It is our way of enhancing ourselves; a form of self-apotheosis. [42] The research concluded that "many street offenders anticipate an early death, making them less prone to delay gratification, more likely to discount the future costs of crime, and thus more likely to offend". Hopefully part of that conclusion will include realising that they can't decide for other people and not judge or be haughty. [16][17] Membership of a religious group can accentuate biases in behavior toward in group versus out group members, which may explain the lower number of interracial friends and greater approval of torture among church members. [4] Equating morality to adherence to authoritative commands in a holy book is the Divine Command Theory. This article will investigate why morality is embedded within religious thought and practice, and why the evolution of morality is incomplete without our cognitive predilection for gods. This conceptual similarity can even prompt the irreligious to associate morality with other forms of direct infusion, whether terrestrial, alien, or supernatural; such is the pervasiveness of religious thought when our minds attempt to comprehend the unknown. [24] Moreover, religious individuals were more likely than non-religious individuals to volunteer for school and youth programs (36% vs. 15%), a neighborhood or civic group (26% vs. 13%), and for health care (21% vs. [44] In regard to Christianity, he states that the "Bible can be read as giving us a carte blanche for harsh attitudes to children, the mentally handicapped, animals, the environment, the divorced, unbelievers, people with various sexual habits, and elderly women". However, we all cheat from time to time, and often the only thing that stops us from cheating is supervision by our peers. Indeed, fear of damnation is an effective way of enforcing rules. "[14] In the same vein, Christian theologian Ron Rhodes has remarked that "it is impossible to distinguish evil from good unless one has an infinite reference point which is absolutely good. Despite religious opposition to Darwin's theory, it is evolutionary psychology that will ultimately unlock the origins of both religion and morality. Many people identify with religions to 'free-ride.' Thus, humans have evolved to increase their pro-social behavior by increasing their susceptibility for belief in judgmental deities and spirits. Many of these share tenets with secular value frameworks such as consequentialism, freethought, and utilitarianism. This is congruent with the fact that 50% of religious congregations in the US are racially segregated, and only 12% have a degree of diversity. There are many types of religious values. [9] Modern sources separate the two concepts. Some works indicate that some societies with lower religiosity have lower crime rates—especially violent crime, compared to some societies with higher religiosity. We had not advanced enough to consider the rape of an unmarried woman to be a crime, and it therefore had no reason to be part of a two thousand year old moral code. People in various religious traditions, such as Christianity, may derive ideas of right and wrong from the rules and laws set forth in their respective authoritative guides and by their religious leaders. I agree, it's important to preach tolerance for all beliefs, including religious ones. Adultery was seen as theft for this reason. Religion teaches us to be good, to respect our peers and so does the Law as a legal entity. In the post-reformation era, modern thinkers strongly emphasized the distinction between law and morals. [35] His conclusion is that a "complex relationship" exists between religiosity and homicide "with some dimensions of religiosity encouraging homicide and other dimensions discouraging it". I think it's quite easy to go from a mere belief to the black and white of right and wrong. Only in recent centuries has the rape of women become a crime without conditions. The Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments prohibit adultery, a potentially innocuous crime, yet rape doesn't receive a mention. Relationship between Religion and Morality – 3 Views1. I agree that there are a lot of people who sadly use morality and religion for negative motives but I hope that there are exceptions. If one believes a god, spirit, or dead ancestor is watching over us, we will act as if under a permanent degree of supervision. This is so, as you suggest, whether or not religiosity is the basis for our mores. [5] There has been interest in the relationship between religion and crime and other behavior that does not adhere to contemporary laws and social norms in various countries.

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