Synonym for ein ein, eine, einem, einer= unbestimmte Artikel Je nach grammatischen Geschlecht (Genius*) verwendet man den unbestimmten Artikel "ein", eine oder "ein". Example: "She gave me a book I did not like." In German, the forms of the indefinite article change according to the gender (masculine, feminine, neuter) and case (nominative, genitive, … Genius* = maskulin/männlich feminin/ pweiblich neutrum/sächlich der/ein Mann des/eines Mannes dem/einem … P.S. Eventually, you’ll be able to naturally distinguish between the cases , as well as to remember the gender of more nouns. When reading German (and do start reading it, no matter your level), keep an eye out for when ein, eine and einen are used. A good general rule for learning German vocabulary is to treat the article of a noun as an integral part of the word. 3. German Question about German. The difference between dann and denn Difference between dann and denn. What is the difference between ein and eine and einen?Feel free to just provide example sentences. "Du" ist Nominativ, daher können "Kaffee" und "Tee" nur Akkusativ sein. There are also "Einem" and "Eines". grammatical-case articles definite-articles. accusative case. ein means literally one and is translated as “a” it is a article put before a noun. einen - eine einen - einen eine - eines eine - einen Erklärung: "Kaffee" und "Tee" sind beides maskulinum. Remember that, in accusative sentences, only the masculine form can be declined (der -> den, wer -> wen, ein -> einen), feminine and neutral don't change. "Stadt" is female : "eine Stadt"/"die Stadt". Difference between ein, eine, einen, and einem in the German Language. genitive : einer Stadt nominative : ein - eine - ein genitive : eines - einer - eines dative : einem - einer - einem accusative : einen - eine - ein. 15 ways to say 'thank you' in German: Thank you in German. Einen = masc. ein; feminine – eine; neutral – ein; and it also has 4 Grammatical cases Der unbestimmte Akkusativartikel lautet "einen". the german languange has nouns with three genders maskulinum . If you have a masculine noun, the article is "der"; for a feminine noun the article is "die"; and for a neuter noun the article is "das". Accusative is used to indirect direct objects in German. "book" is the indirect object in that sentence, so the "a" before it would be "einem" in the German translation. ein means literally one and is translated as “a”. nominative : eine Stadt. its also a pronoun. The difference between gern and gerne Difference between gern and gerne. "Nimmst" kommt vom Verb "nehmen" und braucht den Akkusativ. 10 long German words you can’t pronounce: Long German Words. Nominativ: Ein Mann geht (a man is walking) Akkustativ: Ich schreibe einen Brief (I'm writing a letter) Dativ: Ich antwortete meinem Lehrer (I answered my teacher) Genetiv: Er beraubte den Kaufmann des Geldes (He stole the money of the Salesman) : consider nominative only. You have to be aware that nouns can have one of three different genders in German: masculinum, femininum and neutrum. It is an article put before a noun. I'm just starting with German and got a bit lost when one should use der/die/das and when ein/eine. "I read a book). The words you listed are forms of the indefinite article in German and correspond to the English word "a" (e.g. I suppose it should be something like "a" or "the" in English depending if we're talking about something concrete or something in general. its also a pronoun. The German language has nouns with three genders. masculine. This helps Germans understand what is being bought, it helps them to differentiate between several verbs and objects in a same long sentence. sing. Some blog articles . Report copyright infringement; Answers … Also in German there are 4 "Fall": Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ und Genetiv. Anhand der Artikel kann man erkennen, ob ein Substantiv in der Einzahl (Singular) oder in der Mehrzahl (Plural) stent.

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