Apparently, they want to toss their weight around and not let me put on Smart LP Siding. You can pick this up on Amazon for about $350. They like the dependability and how it’s consistent. The well-balanced and powerful SCN49XP coilnailer is your powered fastening solution for the installation of siding, including fiber cement products from Hardi™ and Certainteed™. Nailing It. While it’s great for siding, you can use it for crate pallets, sheathing, framing, decking, and sub-flooring. But for those in the business, it’s a great deal since it offers reliability and consistency. For me, yes it’s expensive if you are doing a single job. Just messing around the shop, I love how smooth and powerful the nailer is. Eric is a huge Cubs fans and no, he is not related to Chevy Chase. Read our Editorial Guidelines to learn more about our team. Plus Enter to Win Future Tool Giveaways! Senco 8V0001N 1-3/4" 15 Degree Angle Wire Coil Nailer, Red/Gray 3.9 out of 5 stars 16. It’s accurate to the best of our knowledge when posted. Ever since then, the company has been offering some of the best fasteners for value. You have entered an incorrect email address. So as of now, I have been fighting this and will keep you updated. All-day durability and dependability are designed in. When it comes to nailers, Senco is one of those brands that has a tradition with its long history. Follow us on Instagram as I will be showing this off very soon as we will be starting the siding job soon. The Senco nailer is a pneumatic nailer. But the company really came to light when the company entered the fastener business with the creation of the carton stapler. Siding, exterior decks, decking, exterior trim, fencing, subflooring, wood shingles, crate and box assembly and floor sheathing. The nailer will drive both wire and plastic sheet collation, plus it will fire both smooth shank and ring shank nails. The nailer is easy to load, never had a jam and as I was told by some contractors, you can pretty much leave your hammer in your pouch. All-day durability and dependability are designed in. But that doesn’t stop us from taking a closer look at the Senco nailer. And with convenience and performance features like a selectable trigger, clear magazine door, and precise depth of drive control, the SCN49XP will help you achieve the professional results your customers demand. This tool is perfect for a wide range of siding applications including fiber cement products from Hardi and Certainteed. Both the contractor and homeowner have relied on their products to make a job easier. Dual collation – Allows the choice between wire or plastic collation, Adjustable depth of drive – For consistent and controllable drive, Huge fastener range – tackles many applications. As I noted the company has a long history that dates back to 1935. MSRP Click for details. The Senco SCN49XP is a coil siding nailer that is designed to drive up to 2-1/2″ nails into siding such as fiber cement, cedar, and LP siding. This tools drives smooth, ring, and screw shank coil nails in both wire and plastic sheet collation. SCN49XP, driving up to a 2 1/2" nail. One of the projects I was going to do was use LP Smart Siding so when it came to what tool I wanted to use, it was a no-brainer for the Senco SCN49XP Nailer. However, there has been a little kink in the plans as I am at the mercy of my village. Just below the trigger, there is a dial to select the drive depth. Editorial Note: Tools in Action receives compensation from third-party advertisers, but that doesn’t affect our editors’ opinions. While I haven’t used it on my house addition, we tested it in our shop, also shot some board on a shed and installed some cedar on the side of a garage. This tools drives smooth, ring, and screw shank coil nails in both wire and plastic sheet collation. I want to use it, I just wish my town would get their act in gear. What I like best about this nailer is that it does exactly as advertised. ... item 2 SENCO SCN49XP Air Framing Nailer,15 Deg,Wire/Plastic - SENCO SCN49XP Air Framing Nailer,15 Deg,Wire/Plastic. Carpenters typically prefer coil nailers if they have the choice because of this large nail capacity. This tool drives smooth, ring, screw shank coil nails into both wire and plastic sheet collation.

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