The homing attack does make combat extremely easy, but it's used primarily as a way to get from one point to another anyway, so enemies could just as well be springboards or floating platforms instead. Sonic And The Secret Rings Was My Childhood Game When I Got A Wii, It Was The Best Sonic Game Ever Made, It Deserve More Than 6.3 User Score, Sonic And The Secret Rings Was My Childhood Game When I Got A Wii, It Was The Best Sonic Game Ever Made, It Deserve More Than 6.3 User Score, It's My Favorite Sonic And Wii Game Ever Made. Still, Sonic fans looking for a tale will find one in Secret Rings that is deeper than average, and to be fair the mission-based cinematics, while not grandiose, are plentiful. Each level is large and has a great sense of scale, with huge dinosaurs, pirate ships, corkscrews, loops, and other structures to run on. I wish we saw more characters and the game would’ve been better if it didn’t have motion controls. You play the game as Sonic and travel to seven fantasy worlds (plus one tutorial world). The story in Secret Rings is a slight departure from the usual Sonic the Hedgehog setup. Usually though, you never have to bother with skills. The controls in Sonic and the Secret Rings are simple enough to pick up, but they can also be incredibly frustrating at times. Sonic and Shahra are almost always in peril and Sonic is constantly being threatened with death. The title features an impressive opening cinematic, which comes to life through CG animation. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. If nothing else, Secret Rings proves that. After defeating the main stage, which is always comprised of a race to the finish, gamers will take part in subs ranging from collecting 99 rings, defeating 10 enemies, smashing certain objects, or even going head-to-head against character Uhl in test to see who can reach the goal first. Players expecting to blaze through the first level at breakneck speeds will be disappointed because the hedgehog is only later able to accomplish those spectacular feats. The game employs a surprisingly comprehensive character-building element that compels players to keep at it so that they can unlock new skills, apply them to Sonic and make him quicker, stronger and all around better. The game feels like a platformer and a racer in one, which is exactly how it should be. These different challenges add a lot of variety to the game, so even though you'll play each level 10 times or more, you'll find a unique experience each time. The deserts in Sand Oasis will never be confused with the lush tropical locales in Dinosaur Jungle and neither will the beautiful rainy Pirate Ship be mistaken for the impressive floating runways of the Levitated Ruin. The genie is from the book Arabian Nights, which is being destroyed by an evil genie known as Erazor. When it works, it's a lot of fun, and it doesn't hurt that it also happens to be one of the prettier games to grace Nintendo's new console. For instance, rarely will Sonic fly stupidly off a ledge to his doom in Secret Rings. We've played them all and Secret Rings is our favorite 3D hedgehog game to date for the reasons above. You'll have to paddle a canoe, spear fruit with a sword, swing a large ball on a chain, shoot balloons, chop wood, and perform many, many more gestures with the remote. Sonic and the Secret Rings Review Sonic and the Secret Rings delivers an excellent sense of speed and plenty of depth, and what's just as impressive is that it makes Sonic fun again. Although Secret Rings is a good step in the right direction, it doesn't do enough to save the ailing Sonic series. We had the misfortune of playing the abysmal Sonic the Hedgehog projects for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and can state with the utmost confidence that Wii's Secret Rings is an entirely different - and much more coveted - league than these games. I give Sonic and the Secret Rings a 7/10. When you jump, you'll automatically target the nearest enemy, and while you're in the air, you can quickly move the Wii Remote forward to home in on the enemy and kill it. There is a multiplayer game here, as well, which, as you might have guessed if you've played any other Wii game, involves playing dozens of different minigames that make creative use of the Wii Remote. Sonic and the Secret Rings starts off slow - literally in Sonic's case. The theme, which seems inspired by everything from Sinbad and Aladdin to The Neverending Story, marks a fresh departure from the franchise norm. Although classic allies like Knuckles and enemies like Eggman are still featured in the storyline, they are at least initially playing the parts of different characters. Sonic has to put a stop to Erazor's plans by visiting seven different fantasy worlds to collect magic rings that can be used to restore Arabian Nights. Not only does the title run in 480p and 16:9 widescreen modes, but it dishes out a variety of distinct and sometimes beautiful play environments complemented by a host of better-than-GameCube visual effects, from shimmering transparent waters to some truly gorgeous particles. The Life and Times of a Supersonic Cobalt-Colored Anthropomorphic Mammal: Throughout his 15+ years, Sonic’s been through many adventures.

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