Historically they were a dual-purpose sheep, and their wool was highly prized in both Europe and America until the Merino breed was imported and took over the market. Adult Babydoll Southdown Sheep are 17″ to 24″ at the shoulder. Babydoll Southdown wool is simply a unique wool; short, very elastic, has an incredible amount of loft, and doesn’t wet-felt easily. They are a wool sheep. The Babydoll Southdown breed is based on the Southdown with a focus on a short, well-muscled body that makes it suitable for use in vineyards and orchards, as a dual purpose meat and wool sheep and as a terminal sire for maiden ewes. It is certainly the first documented. These small sheep were know for their extreme hardiness and produced meat with unmatched tenderness and flavor then any other breed of sheep. Major George Johnstone reported, in official correspondence, the importation of a pure ram before 1800, and in a sheep census of 1804 the Rev. First of all make sure the sheep are physically good sheep. Not to be confused with the Olde English 'Babydoll' Southdown sheep.. One of the oldest of the English breeds of sheep is the Southdown, originating on the South Down hills of Sussex County, England. Its fleece is close and is the finest of the British breeds; but, though white and of good quality, the wool is short and the fleeces relatively light in weight. The Southdown breed was originally bred by John Ellman of Glynde, near Lewes, East Sussex, about 200 years ago.His work was continued by Jonas Webb of Babraham in Cambridgeshire, who developed the larger animal of today. A Babydoll Southdown is a triple purpose sheep: Their small size (under 60cm shoulder to ground) means that they can be used to mow under trees and vineyards; They make a perfect prime lamb, with succulent meat. which gives an alternative yield option. Southdown, breed of medium-wool, dark-faced, hornless sheep originating in the Sussex hills of England.The oldest of all British breeds of sheep, it has an ideal body conformation for meat production. Since the male lambs tend to be more confident, they can become very friendly with only minimal … Samuel Marsden reported that he favoured and had used the Southdown. The Southdown is a small, dual-purpose English sheep, raised primarily for meat. They have quick growing fleeces and needs shearing twice a year. I know it seems mad as an outstanding sheep/Southdown should stand out, but appearance matters more than it should at shows and sales so longer wool makes the sheep look bigger and, ... for the purpose of this question I will focus on the “showing” elements. It can be safely assumed that the Southdown was the first recognised breed of British Sheep to be introduced into Australia. If your purpose is other than breeding, two wethers make good pets and are generally less expensive. A distinctive feature is the black markings on face,nose, eyes and ears – as well as on knees, hocks and feet.They are considered a dual purpose sheep in their homeland – and although believed to go back to the 15th century has only been recognized as a separate breed since 1962.

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