Do you want to pay together or separately? These are typical questions you would ask in English like their name, where they’re from, asking for help, and more. How to answer basic questions in Spanish: examples with audio. How old are you? You’ll want to know how to ask the right questions in Spanish when speaking with representatives there. Time to learn your “Who”, “What”, “When”, “Where”, “Why” and “How” in Spanish. But when asking about more than one person, you have to change it to its plural form, which is ¿Quiénes? In English we ask questions using auxiliaries like DO or DID, but in Spanish you just need to say the same sentence without any auxiliary changing its basic structure. They change based on the gender of the noun you’re counting. ... Me gusta leer libros y ver películas. For emergency purpose. What questions do you use in everyday life that I missed here? Not only are questions crucial for creating that back and forth conversation and getting to know one another, but they help you deflect in the beginning. Starting a new conversation in Spanish is hard. Example: Te llevaré a casa. Example: ¿Te gusta este cancion? Where is the library? Leave them outside the question marks. ¿Te gusta _______? So, you've decided to learn Spanish. ¿Quieren pagar juntos o por separado? ¿Estás listo? Here are 25 most common questions in Spanish to start a new conversation. Trabajo en un restaurante. – How do I get to the airport? – Es la una de la tarde. It would be quite difficult. – ¿Hablas inglés en la casa? – Do you like _______? In this article, I will summarise the benefits and drawbacks of [...], Learning how to count in Korean is easy. Our Beginners series covers everything you need to kick-start your language journey. – Where are you going? Would you like to learn how to say “thank you” in Dutch? – Is there a bank nearby? You can, por supuesto, make questions without them just like in English. – Do you have a ________? Even in English. I’ve included some example Spanish questions and answers at the end to help you get going. 25. – No reconozco su acento. – Do you like this song? 17. Asking someone …, News collects all the stories you want to read. Where’s the toilet? And if you change the person performing the action of the verb, the conjugation has to change. When you’re visiting a new city or country, there are important questions you should ask to get around safely. Let me hear them in the comments. You aren't completed the next questions: – Do you have gum? Where are you from?Yo soy de Venezuela. You have to leave in ten minutes! – How old are you? ¿Adónde va usted? Adjective Quiz: A 32-word match questions.Write out the Spanish word that corresponds with the pictures and English adjectives. Example: ¿Cuál es tu película favorita? ¿Tienes un/una______? Example #2: Quiero un café – I would like a coffee, A polite way of saying this is “Me gustaria un/una ________?”. The more you learn and practise, the easier it gets! Example #2: Do you have more precise information on this subject? – What’s your telephone number? A dónde means “to where”, while de dónde means “from where”. 21. ... Soy de Irlanda. Example #1: Quiero una cerveza – I would like a beer The most straightforward way is Tengo una pregunta (“I have a question”). Start studying 40 Common Spanish Questions by Sarah Hussey. Example #2: ¡ Hola! Example:  ¿Hay un banco cerca? Cuál is a bit closer to “which” in some cases. Here are some examples: If asking about something that's plural, cuál becomes cuáles. And that makes it all the more memorable. ... Write six questions and six appropriate answers. ¿Dónde está el baño? Example #1: ¿Como llego a el aeropuerto? ¡Vamos! Sentence (oración): Tú tienes que hacer algo hoy Question (pregunta): ¿Tú tienes que hacer algo hoy? Example: Where are you going? So any connecting words, greetings, or other words that come before? As a special bonus, we’ve included some useful questions in Spanish that may not fit into one of our categories, but are nevertheless important. – ¿Hablas inglés … These could be questions you ask when you’re with friends, on a date, or with co-workers. If you need to say “whose”, you would use de quién. Example: Tengo trenta años. -1-i usted tiene 65 aos o más y ha sido residente permanente legal de los Estados Unidos por 20 aos o más, usted sólo necesita estudiar las preguntas marcadas con un asterisco (). – What’s the weather like? ¡Fantástico! But worry not! ... Write six questions and six appropriate answers. – Are you alright? – I will drive you home. You will also see the vocabulary in use through several examples of basic conversations in Spanish including recordings, their script as well as the dialogue's English translation. ¡Llamar a la policía! Qué tiempo hace? (“Are you ready? Even though the Dutch can be quite direct and quick-to-the-point in their conversations, saying thank you is just as appreciated by them. As you can see above, in Spanish, there are two question marks: ¿ and ? You are sending an incomplete test to be evaluated. 11. You only wrap the question marks around the question itself. Like in the last example, if you instead asked “What are your favourite movies?” it would be ¿Cuáles son tus películas favoritas? ¿De dónde es usted? Your mission, if you choose to accept it Mr. Hunt, is to master the meaning and writing of 2,042 “Standard Use Kanji” (常用漢字・じょうようかんじ) in 90 days. ¿De dónde eres tú? – Call the police/ambulance! 15. Where do you live? Those who know me, are aware that I can actually take a lot with me on cheap flights, but I still have to decide what is and what isn't coming with me for my next 6 months on the road! Most of us love exploring new restaurants or visiting shopping centers/markets. Cuántos años tienes? How are you? Where are you from? Dónde means “where”, but it has two other forms based on the preposition you use with it.

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