At St Michael’s, we have evolved our approach to teaching, learning and caring, building on our strengths as a Kindergarten to Year 12 (K–12) school situated on one campus in inner-city St Kilda. Pupils then focus on modern healthy Italian cuisine, before researching their home food culture and making a typical dish. Students have the option of taking French (beginning or continuing), Italian (beginning), Japanese (beginning or continuing) or Chinese (continuing). All pupils study Design and Technology and Food and Nutrition at KS3. In Tutorial, pupils have followed the Induction programme incorporating lessons on emotional literacy and they have participated in team building activities. The KS3 curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences to meet the needs of the students, is designed to inspire all pupils, allowing them to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. Facilities. This year the work is primarily practical but also includes research, demonstrations, group tasks, product evaluation, nutritional analysis and an assessed task. They have all undertaken clay and textiles. In Food and Nutrition, pupils will develop practical cooking skills, along with an understanding of nutrition, healthy eating, the link between food and health, properties of ingredients and recipe adaptation. Pupils read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, investigating key features of form, style, character and theme. They develop acting skills and directorial skills in both naturalistic and more exaggerated performance styles. There is a different theme for each half term and ideas are explored from different social, cultural and historical contexts. This results in more sophisticated design, and ultimately the realisation of a bespoke product. To be physically active for sustained periods of time.4. Grammar: Spanish alphabet, articles (def. Pupils are set written homework once every three weeks. Our aim is to develop strong practical and creative design skills, enabling pupils to realise their own products and inventions. Previous trips have included London Zoo, Kew Gardens & Greenwich Royal Observatory. Our pupils have developed skills and show great passion towards the subjects of Maths and English and this is nurtured and developed at KS3. They focus on designing and problem solving, taking their first steps in the design process. In Year 8 two lessons are taught per week in form classes. RSE and Citizenship lessons are taught by pastoral leaders and form tutors explore a range of subjects essential for pupils understanding, development, health and happiness. The current curriculum is below. We prepare young … St Michael's Grammar School annual fees and charges. and pl. at school, with weekly lessons. The girls have completed the ‘End of Key Stage’ project . In Year 9 pupils have two lessons per week in smaller mixed-form classes of approximately 24 pupils. Grammar: a/some; adjectival agreement; demonstrative adjectives; radical changing verbs, DOLER (to hurt), JUGAR (to play), GUSTAR (to like); reflexive verbs; gerund of regular verbs, near or immediate future (present of IR + a + infinitive), preterite of regular and irregular verbs, idiomatic use of the verb TENER (to have) + TENER QUE+INF (To have to do= obligation), reflexive verbs, ordinal numbers, expression of time; comparisons, superlatives, frequency phrases. There is a project in the spring term of Year 8 where pupils research life in the town of Pompeii and the eruption of Vesuvius in AD 79. The main course book is the ever popular Cambridge Latin Course: in Year 8 we cover Stages 1 through to 12 (the whole of Book 1). In order to prepare for the demands of GCSE pupils will also undertake a local area housing investigation. We regularly review the curriculum to ensure that it is engaging and that students develop a broad range of skills. The Co-curricular Program at St Michael’s is designed to introduce students to a broad range of experiences in the areas of Outdoor Education, Performing Arts (Drama, Dance and Music), Sport (competitive and recreational), Public Speaking and Debating. Reports will be produced encouraging pupils to analyse and evaluate their findings. We regularly review the curriculum to ensure that it is engaging and that students develop a broad range of skills. Grammar:some, the partitive articleer verbs revision, regular ir and re verbs, introduction of common irregular ir (dire, lire, ecrire) and re verbs(comprendre, apprendre, boire) to be reinforced through the yearexpressions of quantity and negativesverbs partir, venirreinforcement of the future with aller, including negativesuse of the verb pouvoir and vouloirPerfect tense with avoir, er, ir, re verbsdemonstrative adjectives (ce/ cette/ces)perfect tense with êtreil faut+ infinitive. Our curriculum is organised into half-termly projects. Again pupils have the opportunity to study in depth this fascinating and cosmopolitan city, looking at its architecture, its history and religions and its role as a centre of learning and science in the Ancient World. The Catholic Ethos is at the heart of our curriculum and Religious Studies lessons are an opportunity for our pupils to explore, discuss and understand their own faith. The broad and balanced curriculum at KS3 acknowledges that all our pupils are individuals and is designed to give them every opportunity to fulfil their potential and become the person God wishes them to be. When the Barnet LEA abolished the tripartite system , St. Michael's did not turn comprehensive and has remained a grammar school … Our diverse curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Wellbeing, Information Communication and Learning Technologies, Spirituality (Anam Cara Learning), Music, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education and Sport, Languages (Chinese, Japanese and French), Literature and Research Skills, and Outdoor Education. Pupils finish with some competitive challenges: designing, making and taste-testing pasta sauces and the mini-quiche ‘bake-off’. The aim of Music at Key Stage 3 is to develop a love of music by exposing students to a range of musical styles and encouraging them to develop skills on different instruments. Emphasis is placed on both skill development and enjoyment during their lessons, with an ambition to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Languages are valued at St Michaels as an opportunity for our pupils to engage in our worldwide community. The year 7 curriculum focus on introducing pupils to geography through topics like farming, weather and climate, coastal process and landforms and map skills. Maths challenges are also an important part of the enrichment and enable them to work in teams and problem solve. The pupils learn about other world faiths both through their classroom experience and first hand by visiting other places of worship.

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