. Go to Personalization. (when a folder has a file in it, it shows a preview of it inside the folder: that is the icon that is messed up, the normal folder with nothing in it is fine).I replaced that icon a while ago and then tried to set it back with IconPackager, but it never reset that icon (all the rest are fine). I did a little research and people who had the same problem said to run "sfc /scannow" in command prompt. When I go to select a restore point is says, "System Protection is turned off". Go to Notification area, choose Turn system icons on or off. Windows 7 Home Edition, SP 1: Occasionally (maybe once per month or so) when I log into my user account (no admin privileges), the icons for sound, power, and networking do not display on the right side of the task bar, but the icons for anti-virus & firewall are displayed. instead of trying to start up system recovery using a partition I wanna know how do I make a partition on my pc, and how do I turn that partition into a recovery partition using my purchased copy of windows 7 that would all me to be able to use that partition instead of a disk in order to reinstall windows. In comparable space I was able to fit 3 to 4 moreicons in Vista than in 7 Is there a way to condense these icons in 7? I have: reset the icon cache, reset registry settings (perhaps regretting it now? SFC /SCANNOW- Found no integrity violations Tried to do a Repair Install- Cannot. In the taskbar properties notification area, I have "always show all icons" checked. I have both wired connection, and wireless connection. just no properties.I also noticed this in the Control Panel, for example, I click on Display, then i click on Adjust Resolution, nada. How to turn on System protection using/through Ubuntu? When I tried to put them back, the check boxes in customize notification area were greyed out. Icons, What Systems Can Turn Off In System Config, Turn System Protection On & Off In Windows 7. Is there any way to "turn on" these icons? System booted up fine. Repeated many times. So i installed windows 8 transformation pack, and then window update to service pack 1 now my volumn network action center etc cannot be accessed. is there a way to get rid of this? I'm concerned they could be something malicious. I think I read most of the posts here on this issue, but no go. I tried deleting hideScanetwork and rebooted but it doesnt work. I recently installed the latest bluetooth drivers from the ASUS website for my P8Z68-V PRO because I was getting an unknown device showing up in my device management which, by process of elimination, I knew was onboard bluetooth. i tried sfc scan and it get disrupted at 14 percent and said that the scan cannot be completed. Calibrate color works, but Change Display Settings doesnt. . After trying to open a music file (which did not open) all my desktop icons have turn to vlc player and cannot they their tasks again. This is for a launch manager on a laptop. Double clicking on them, right-clicking, or simply hovering my mouse over them unfortunately does nothing -- I don't know what they are. Please see the attached screenshot that shows these 2 icons. (it still apears if I select hide icon and notifications in customize system tray), how do I enlarge system tray icons in Window 7. How To Turn Partition Into Windows 7 System Restore Disk. Is there any way to disable System Protection (My computer->Properties->System protection->[choose hard disk drive or partition]->Configure->check dot TURN OFF SYSTEM PROTECTION ) using regedit tool?I need this by the registry to I can put in automated process because we made about 4000 machines per day. 5. [code]. How to Turn System Protection On or Off in Windows 7 ? I love it so far, except for the change in system tray behavior. Comes back saying it cannot be done. Now, on startup I get two bluetooth icons in my system tray; however, when I hover over one it dissapears - but it always appears when I reboot.I couldn't seem to find the root of the second bluetooth icon. I have Windows 7 SP1, 32bit on my laptop. Turn Off System Protection By Registry (regedit)? Basically, I recently switched to using a vertical taskbar on the left side, more workable area on widescreen monitors. How to Hide or Show System Icons and Notifications in Windows 7 ? Uh, i tried the solution of group policy editing and got a error message with three choice about mmc. Click Turn system icons on or off, and then set Volume, Network, and Power System to On. Somehow, I lost my many ICONS at the top of my homepage. 2. I looked in System Configuration on my W7 Ultimate.....There are 80 systems running. to remove. I have windows 7 64 bit ultimate installed with SP1 I am not sure when this issue began, it used to work just fine at one point months back.basically certain system based icon, for example My Computer, Network, or anything at the bottom near the clock, such as Windows Update, or the Network Access icon I can right click on it them, and click properties, but nothing happens, with Windows Update, the icon doesn't start the program. In Vista, I was able to pack more icons in the system tray, in the same amount of space, than in 7. Notification Area Icons - Hide Or Show System Icons And Notifications, Can Turn Off Snap-to-grid For Icons On Desktop, Unable To See/turn On Network, Battery, Volume, Etc. I tried editing the dword 00000000 for hidesca but it doesnt work. I am running SP1. I have done both. Going on safe mode instead, I went to system restore only to find that is was turned off as well my network connections.

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