Being semi aquatic, watercress is suitable for hydroponic cultivation, growing best in water that is slightly alkaline. Harvest watercress before the plants begin flowering and before the outdoor temperature rises above 85 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid the flavor becoming too bitter or strong. Try leaving the buckets outdoors or in a very sunny windowsill, for instance. Utah State University Cooperative Extension: Watercress in the Garden, How to Grow Black Pearl Pepper From a Seed, How to Grow Snap Peas From Hanging Baskets. Set the containers in buckets or trays of water to provide continual moisture to the plants. It can be placed outside in early spring, after the danger of frost has passed. For the chance to be featured, share your plant pictures with uson Instagram by using the hashtag #YourTMGarden. Grow watercress from cuttings by placing a bunch or several stems in a glass of water. Watercress is a perennial that can survive the winters up to zone 5, though dealing with the water-filled containers can be awkward when the weather drops below freezing. Watercress varieties abound, but the most common home grown variety is Nasturtium officinale. Rabbits and guinea pigs eat watercress and will enjoy this tasty treat whenever you have some to spare. As long as your watercress plants are kept well watered they will thrive in a pot of good quality compost. Watercress germinates quickly and grows best in cooler weather. Make sure the growing medium stays moist, and replace the water every 2 to 3 days so it doesn’t stagnate. Watercress cultivation can be cultivated both on a garden scale basis and also on a large scale. Remember that these plants grow in nature in water environments that are naturally cooler. Kratky method watercress for raising watercress in soil-less culture is … Gardeners looking to add a little flavor to their garden can easily grow watercress by simulating the moist conditions of its natural habitat. Fill a planter with a soilless potting mix that contains vermiculite or perlite and peat. The water should not be deeper than 1 inch from the lip of the pot to avoid algae formation on the watercress stems. In fact, it has become a really popular microgreen for home gardeners, especially in small spaces. You don’t need a river or stream running through your garden to grow watercress. Gardeners typically grow this edible perennial for its flavorful leaves and shoots, which have a peppery flavor and can be used raw or cooked. Watercress is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9. Although watercress is not a heavy feeder, it may develop iron, potassium or phosphorus deficiencies. Pet birds may also appreciate the fresh leaves too. Temperature. To provide the right growing conditions for watercress, simply set your pots in deep trays or dishes that are kept topped up with water. Although watercress (Nasturtium officinale) naturally grows in shallow, running water, it is also easily grown in a planter. You don’t even need a garden to grow it - a large pot and a shady spot is all you’ll need for regular harvests of mineral and vitamin-rich leaves through summer. How to Grow Watercress – An Easy to Follow Guide . Cooler temperatures are preferred over warmer conditions, as the heat affects the flavor in the foliage. Cover the planter with plastic and place the container in a tray or a bucket filled with water. Growing Watercress Plants. Once the roots develop, the watercress can be planted in a container. were investigated. Find a source for a transplant of watercress. If planting from seeds, watercress should begin to germinate within a week if temperatures are between 50 and 60° F (10 to 15° C). A bunch of watercress can be found at your local farmer’s market and even in the wild.

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