Pulse a few times. Many recipes for whipped feta recommend using a food processor to break down the cheese; I don’t bother. It also contains about 25% more vitamin A than white cauliflower. French With a little chill still left in the air, these sweet potato cakes are nice and warming but still light, and they taste amazing with the tangy, lemony whipped feta dressed lettuce leaves. To serve, transfer the cauliflower to a serving plate and scatter over scallions and parsley, if using. Purple cauliflower gets its beautiful color from the presence of the antioxidant anthocyanin, which is also found in red cabbage and red wine. Roasted cauliflower flavored with cumin and served with a feta cream cheese dip. If the area is known for one type of food in particular, it’s Greek. Decided it’s time for me to actually leave a comment. They like it, and​ so do the adults. 4 large ripe tomatoes, chopped. Before we moved to Brooklyn (so way before we headed up to Beacon), Matt and I lived in one of the most cross-cultural neighborhoods in New York City, Astoria, Queens. 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. ​You can ​add extra flavours ​to the whipped feta, such as garlic, soft herbs, roasted peppers, chilli flakes … For this recipe, I just added olive oil and ​sumac. Roasted cauliflower is just the best! ​My kids love the taste of hummus, but ​they also like ​scooping and shovelling their way through ​it with ​cucumber​ and carrot​ batons and toasted flatbreads​. It was like that. It’s that texture thing… So tasty! Often the saltiest, with a firm but creamy texture. Yes, cauliflower comes in different colors now and, no, it’s not a gimmick. It’s so tasty, versatile and extremely healthy. Pitta bread and raw vegetables, to serve. Add the zest and juice of half a lemon and plenty of black pepper. Can I just pause for a moment to say how much I love cauliflower. It’s really nice to hear that you enjoy it and especially that you’ve been cooking the recipes! Try this tangy cheese dip instead – great for lunch with pitta bread and crudites, Last modified on Tue 9 Jul 2019 04.48 EDT. You could also add your favorite soft herbs too, like chives, mint, tarragon or basil. This cauliflower looks delicious! Blitz and chill until needed. Whipped feta offers the same interactivity, but gives a respite from all the chickpeas. Dollop over the whipped feta or place it in a small bowl, for dipping. Post update: I wrote a cauliflower article in fall 2016 for our local (Beacon-based) food and restaurant magazine The Valley Table. Cauliflower is one of my favorite vegetables to roast. Add the cream (if using), olive oil and lemon juice and process until smooth and silky. The Whipped Feta Dip is delicious with crudités or chips, or as a spread for sandwiches. Cumin-Roasted Cauliflower with Whipped Feta. It also may have been too cold, straight out of the fridge (that hasn’t happened to me with feta but with other cheeses). To get it super smooth, the best way is to use a good blender (vitamix’s are expensive but they’ll turn anything smooth as butter) and use good quality cheese (we particularly love French feta because it’s very creamy). Briny, tangy, and sharp. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Greek Attachment In this case we’re using feta as the sauce (more of a dip, really), for some incredibly delicious cumin-dusted roasted cauliflower. And I haven’t tried whipped feta before but it is something that sounds amazing. Half a lemon, juiced. You know, the ones where the cab driver is sitting next to a lawyer who’s sitting next to a dominatrix and they’re all eating souvlaki prepared by a Sikh cook and served by a Russian waitress. Your email address will not be published. Great for slicing and drizzling with olive oil. Finer in texture, it’s my favorite crumbled in salads or in Spanakopita. To make the whipped feta add the cheese, yoghurt and soured cream to a food processor. While we often do our best to nullify all that good stuff by baking it in a cheesy mornay sauce (I’m referring to the classic British dish with the imaginative name, ‘Cauliflower Cheese’), this time we used my other favorite method, roasting. Hop over and take a look! I gotta try this, it’s something new to me. . Sprinkle on cumin, salt and pepper and toss until evenly coated with oil and seasoning. https://nerdswithknives.com/cumin-roasted-cauliflower-whipped-feta Loving the colour of this cauliflower. It’s possible that the feta itself was made with stabilizers (a lot of the pre-packaged stuff does) and sometimes they can resist becoming super smooth. If feta isn’t your thing or you can’t find it, you could make the same dip using fresh goats cheese. They served it with grilled ramps on flatbreads. 400 ml tin chopped Italian tomatoes (14-oz can) 1 Tbsp caster sugar. I have been following your blog for a while, silently reading every post and cooking quite a lot of it actually. I still dream about it. It’s my favorite for this recipe because it’s not very salty and whips up into the smooth as silk dip. It pairs beautifully with the whipped feta. Whipped feta and sumac dip – recipe 200g plain Greek yoghurt. It becomes tender inside but crispy at the edges. I find it is just as quick ​to use a bowl and whisk to whip the cheese, and creates less washing up. Your email address will not be published. It’s like the Disney-land of Feta up in there, not even kidding. It was sooo good. Absolutely perfect xx, Totally agree. Serve with toasted piata bread and raw vegetables (such as carrots, cucumber, gem lettuce​, fennel, young parsnips with the core removed, beetroot, peppers). Apr 11, 2016 | Side dishes, Vegetarian, Weeknight Quickies | 13 comments. . Our weekends often involved a stop at Titan Foods where we would spend most of our rent money on olives and Feta cheese. Gorgeous post! The maximum upload file size: 300 MB.You can upload: image, audio, video, document, spreadsheet, interactive, text, archive, code, other.Links to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other services inserted in the comment text will be automatically embedded. Form is being submitted, please wait a bit. YES to roasted cauliflower! What is it, whipped cheese week up here? It’s all about those edges! Thank you so much! Join the Nerds gang to receive automatic weekly recipes by email! It was like the real-life version of one of those 90s comedies. Place the feta, grated garlic and cream cheese in the bowl of a food processor. It’s still one of the best places in the city to find ingredients from all over the world, especially Mexico, India and Greece. Spread out in an even layer and roast in the middle rack of the oven, turning once, until tender and brown, about 20-25 minutes. Required fields are marked *. These two recipes come from two star chefs that cook in this genre: Silvena Rowe and Yotam Ottolenghi. Heat the Looks delicious. Sheep’s-milk fetas (the classic) tend to be sharpest; goat’s- and cow’s-milk versions are milder. 2 Tbsp chopped coriander, plus extra to finish. Ha, funny! Put the ​dip in a serving bowl and dress the surface with the olive oil and sumac. Like all cruciferous vegetables, Cauliflower is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, pantothenic acid, and vitamin B6. 1 Tbsp lemon juice, or to taste. I just made whipped ricotta after my son had some in a reataurant. And that whipped feta?! You are doing fantastic work, absolutely love your recipes. Less briny than most. Caramelized Apple, Shallot and Cheddar Tart, 1 large head cauliflower, separated into florets, 6 ounces feta, crumbled (preferably French), 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper (salt may not be needed depending on the saltines of the feta), Thinly slices scallions or chives and roughly chopped parsley (optional), Place cauliflower on a sheet tray and drizzle with oil. Then, I decided to whip goat and cream cheese for my blog. The three most common varieties you’re likely to find in most cheese shops are: Bulgarian Will try this one later this week! Love the sound of your feta dip on the side especially! We loved it all! While olive oil, salt and pepper is all you really need, I like to sprinkle on a little spice, in this case earthy cumin. So good though, roasted cauliflower is light years better than the bland, stodgy steamed variety. Add in cream cheese and puree for 4-5 minutes, scraping down the sides when necessary, until feta is … 1 slice sourdough bread. Feta on its own is not much of a hit with the kids​ – the salty, tangy flavour of this brined cheese seems too strong for them​. • Follow Claire Thomson on Twitter or get more recipes at 5o’clockapron.com. But whipped with some plain, thick Greek yoghurt and lemon juice, the ​cheese mellows and can be served as a dip. One thing though the whipped feta was kind of grainy and we can’t figure out why – any suggestions on how to make it creamier?

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