You can make temporary links to overcome faulty relays for test purposes. Set your meter to AC volts. sorry to hear your troubles..I bought a bricho gate opener set for 129 euro, I thought it would be rubbish ,but three years on it is still going strong ,might be worth changing the system ,i would.. Just found your thread on google regarding your gates. We have had the circuit board replaced and the motors serviced but they are still not working properly. Motor hums, gets warm, but does not move. (see photobeam problems below). They are wired to run the correct way. FROG motors wire differently from side to side because one motor runs clockwise while the other runs anti- clockwise. Always use a good grade of 4 core rubber cable. Sorry can't be of great use but check all you can first and if unfortunately you are at a dead end you may have to call in the big guns for a quote.... AX0 Series. If this cures the problem, then the photobeam circuit needs attention. Power Outage. It can be useful to sweep the area around the gate frequently to prevent this. In states with extreme weather, like New York, it’s common to experience some problems with your parking or building entryway security gates. A Full range of gate automation pdf files for download from leading manufacturers such as BFT, CAME, NICE and FAAC. This is critcal for gate with overlapping leaves. * The voltage on terminals W should be zero. If it is a ram system that has been running well for some time and has developed an intermitant fault, As … This gate could be too heavy or too stiff for the torques setting. Make sure switch 1 is off; it is the man present setting for use when the gates have no safety devices. * Make sure the wire go Red/Black/White from left to right along the top row. Cold Weather Problems. We are all stabbing in the dark what it could be and I don't suppose there is a CAME engineer on here unfortunately. * There should be a low resistance between the red, black and white wires. We have Came gates....occasionally we have one gate which fails to close. Good luck and let us know how you get on. BFT MITTO Programming Guides; LiftMaster CB11 Wiring & Manuals; LiftMaster CB1 Wiring & Manuals; CAME Frog Range Manuals; Latest Additions. Make sure switch 1 is off; it is the man present setting for use when the gates have no safety devices. We often get call outs where an automatic gate is not opening / closing at all. the limit switches disconnect the motor resistance. * Set your meter to read resistance. Also for: Ax5024, Axo series, Amico series a1824. Motor 2 terminal U wires to X on the panel. If the gate then responds to a close command, Check that you have 240Vac on the input terminals L1 and L2. * Measure resistance from U to V and from X to Y. This is quite common because the motor cable twists through This could be photcell input problem. If the fuse blows immediately on power up, then it could well be a transformer problem. Rams and articulated arm motors have motor terminals marked U,V,W. 10. Thanks for the reply and links. Roachy 1362439064. to a mid way position. If your gate doesn’t stop where it is supposed to it is … This happens when a capacitor is fitted * There should be a low resistance between the orange, purple and blue wires. (orange, purple & blue wires) and try again. If the fuses survive again, disconnect wires in terminal 10, replace the low voltage terminals on the transformer If the W relay fails, CAME Parkare UK Unit 108, Longmead Road, Emerald Park East, Emersons Green, Bristol. Categories. remotes work sometimes (batteries are new). * Make sure the wire go Orange/Purple/Blue from left to right along the bottom row. Here are some easy to follow security gate troubleshooting tips that will help keep your gate running strong for many years to come. If the fuses survive, then disconnect the low voltage terminals from the transformer (orange, purple & blue wires). Terminal X is motor 2 open terminal Don't bother starting if you do not have the right equipment, or you are unfamiliar with it. It should be too high to read. from the transformer. Try pushing the gate in the direction of travel. Terminal V is motor 1 close terminal It will take strain off the motor and overcome any weakness. With FROG motors, one motor turns clockwise while the other gate leaf runs anti-clockwise, so there is no correct way. Thanks If they rotate in opposite directions, then the wiring is correct. * To link out relay V or Y, link terminals V & Y. 5. The radio input will not work when SW1 is on (up). If the fuses blow this time it is most probably a faulty transformer. You can test the motor connections like this : * Power down and unplug the motor connector. 90 degrees every time it operates. This could be because the gate is too heavy or too stiff to get started. then it could be a faulty flexible cable running into the motor. For new installations the wiring direction is usually made by trial and error. The radio input will not work when SW1 is on (up). Popular Products. Replace the green plug, and try again. View and Download CAME ATI A3000 installation manual online. They should be equal- about 40 ohms. Terminal Y is motor 2 close terminal. If the fuse blows again, power down and inspect all around the circuit board for burn marks, dead slugs etc. Unplug the motor connector. Sometimes we have to bite the bullet and get the professionals in for a quote for repair. A guide with some useful tips for troubleshooting a faulty electric swing gate installation. With a strong focus on safety, Came gate automation includes systems for swing gate leaves between 1.3m and 8m, and sliding gates weighing between 200kg and 3500kg. Does anyone have experience of faulty Came electric gates? * To link out relay W, link terminals W & L2T. Compare the two sides. We have replaced the circuit board which was recommended by an electrician who has worked on the gates before, previously he sorted out the problem but now has run out of ideas about what might be wrong. Keep searching on the internet for ideas. You can run these checks in any order. All the readings should be the same. Do you need a new battery in the remote control? E is a warning light terminal, not earth. Open both casements and view the motors rotating. Check also for short circuits under the panek. They should be double the reading above. If the fuse blows at the point the motors start, then a wiring problem is more likely. As the one of the largest distributors of gate automation products in the UK, Linkcare is totally committed to providing you with expert support. There is no presure sensitive obstacle detection on these boards. * There should be no connection from the orange wire to the red wire. Swap over terminals U and V, or terminals X and Y. One motor opens while the other closes. The link bar could be fouled up. The actual reading will depend on the motor type. I also have a problem with my gates, closing or opening randomly, having a mind of their own it seems, did you manage to sort yours out? Make sure the capacitors are correctly installed. Terminal 3 and 7 work, but they must be held on to keep the motor running. Terminal W is the common for both motors Slugs are known for squeezing under the circuit board in search of the warmth Yes there is a clicking noise from the sensors. Make the measurement with one terminal on L2T. you will loose the time delays between the start and end of the movement of the two leaves. * The voltage on terminals V & Y during closing should be the same as terminal CT. You can measure the voltages on the motor while it should be running. * To link out relay U or X, link terminals U & X. Sorry I haven't been clear about the problem it's just the gates have an annoying habit of working for a while correctly and then start to have a mind of their own - not closing all the way - not opening - stopping half way open - there have been lot's of different problems which I think are electrical as the motors and arms work fine. Some remotes have a learn button on the receiver and others have dip-switches inside the transmitter and receiver that need to … Put the negative terminal on the plug (motor wires) terminal W. Now measure resistance of each Photobeam problems: Try shorting terminal C1 to terminal 2. * Measure resistance from W to each other terminal. Instruction Manual for CAME ZA4 Control Panel. Interference can come … We can get them to open and close but some of the sensors aren't working. in the control panel. BS16 7FG. * The voltage on terminals U & X during opening should be the same as terminal CT. Came Gate Automation, and Vehicle Access Control systems are supplied in the UK by Linkcare. Can you take it off and give it a good clean as apparently insects tend to get in there...scrollgates recommend checking behind the keypad as insects can short the circuits so spray with wd40 to eliminate condensation...    they also recommend using a multimeter to test for shorting. View and Download CAME AX3024 installation manual online. ATI Series. Motor 1 wires as expected. In the cases of U,V,X, an Y, If OK, check the 24Vac output on terminals 10 and 11. The motor runs smoothly to the limit switch, then jerks backwards and forwards.   Why not give them CAME UK  a call   to see if they can offer you advice over the phone to at least point you in the right direction?

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